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Bismihi ta'ala

This is indeed an interesting question, especially in regards to the famous book Kitab Sulaym ibn Qays al-Hilali.

There is no doubt regarding the authenticity, nobility and reliability of Sulaym ibn Qays al-Hilali.

In regards to the narrator Aban ibn Abi 'Ayyash, there are rijali scholars who weaken him, and also classify him as a fabricator or a liar. 

However, as far as the book is concerned, as some scholars like Ayatullah Milani say, its chain is not solely from Aban ibn Abi 'Ayyash. 

Seyyid al-Milani says there are multiple chains to the book. 

As you know, like other cases in our Shi'a heritage, there is no unanimous view regarding this. There are also a few editions of this book as well. One is a 3 volume edition, researched and edited by Ayatullah Muhammad Baqir al-Ansari al-Zanjani. In this edition, volume one has been dedicated to researching all the views regarding the book and the narrators of the as well. It is worth the read for those familiar with Arabic. 

An interesting article that deals with this book and its narrators, written byAyatullah Badri in his website:

In brief, there are those who completely accept the book, those who completely reject it, and those who say it has a mixture of authentic and weak statements. 

Whatever the case may be, it is an interesting book to read, and for those eager to expand on the rijali side of this book, you must engage in the detailed research in this field.

With prayers for your success.

Sanad is who related the hadith (chain of narrators) and matn is the text/content of the hadith.

Hope that helps!


This Hadeeth was narrated from the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) by two great companions; Salman and Abu Tharr and it was narrated from them by chain of authentic narrators mentioned in Sunni and Shia books. One of the Shia sources mentioned the chain of authentic narrators is Biharul Anwar, V. 5, .26.

It is narrated also by many leading Sunni scholars like:

1.  Al- Haafidh Al-Kanji in Kifayat al-Taalib, P. 260 from Jabir Ibn Abdillah Al-Ansari.

2. Al-Khawarizmi al-Shaafi'ee in al-Manaaqib , P87.

3.Sibt Ibn al-Jawzi in Tathkirat al-Khawaas, P. 52.

4. Al-Thahabi in Meezan al-E'tidaal 2/235.

5. Ibn Hajar al-'Asqalaani in Lisaan al-Meezan 

6. Al-Qondoozi al-Hanafi in Yanabee'§ al-Mawaddah , P.83 in the old edition.

7. Muhyiddin al-Tabari in Al-Riyadh al-Nadhirah 2/164.

and many others.


Hadeeth Al-Noor can be the famous Hadeeth narrated by Ibn Abbas from the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) stating: The first who was created by Allah was the Noor of the Prophet Muhammad. This Hadeeth is narrated in many Sunni and Shia books.

There is another Hadeeth from the Prophet (SAWA) stating: My self and Ali were created from one Noor أنا وعلي ٬تم نور واحد.

Please specify which Hadeeth is meant in your question.