In the Name of Allah the All Merciful, the All Compassionate

Thanks to the untiring and unmitigated efforts of Mr. Syed Muhammad Murtadha, my late father Agha Mirza Mahdi Pooya’s essence of his life and works, Essence of the Holy Qur’an, is seeing the light of day. He penned his last sentence on a Friday, he confided to the late Allama Rasheed Turabi, his closest disciple, now he was ready to leave this mortal world, and on the following Tuesday, July 17, 1973, he passed away into eternity.

Since that day Syed Muhammad Murtadha made it his mission to get this work published and has given more to pleasing my late father’s soul than I have and actually deserves to do the forward and introduction himself. His humility has encouraged him to bestow this honour on myself and my brother Mirza Ali Pooya. Allah (subhanahu wa ta‘ala) be praised for finally making it possible for us to see this happy day.

Agha Mirza Mahdi Pooya’s journey through life was charted and coursed by a burning zeal to acquire knowledge and be blessed with piety, and hence was acquiring the surname Pooya, the seeker of truth and knowledge. These two values he cherished and bequeathed to all those who came in contact with him. To these he added justice and completed the triangle. This was to be the greatest gift he received from his unassailable faith in Tawheed (Unity), in Allah and His Last Prophet, peace be upon him, and his pristine progeny which make up the 14 purified paragons of piety, knowledge, and justice.

Agha Pooya’s firm belief was Allah subhanahu wa ta‘ala’s most sublime attribute is creation and the most sublime of his creation is Prophet Muhammad, whose sublimity lies in the Qur’an, whose sublimity lies in faith (Iman), whose sublimity lies in piety (Taqwa), whose sublimity lies in Jihad, whose sublimity lies in Shahadat (martyrdom), whose sublimity is Hussain. Hussain’s mi‘raj (sublimity) lies in his unquestioned and unimpeachable ittabe‘e Muhammad (obedience to the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him).

Throughout the book, the reader will find this thread running in which Muhammad and Al-e Muhammad are the first cause of creation and the pinnacle of perfect effect, completing the cycle of life. “Allah humma akyani hayata Muhammad wa Al-e Muhammad wa ametni mamaata Muhammad wa Al-e Muhammad” was the prayer which bore him through life and when under stress, he would lean on what he considered the talisman vird par excellence and effect: Ya Fatimato bint-e Muhammad adrakni.

May Allah grant his soul eternal peace and shower the same on all those who stood by him throughout his life and made this work possible, especially my mother. May Allah grant abiding peace and tranquility (sakeenah) to all those who follow the path of Muhammad wa Al-e Muhammad.

Agha Murtadha Pooya