Akhlaq at Home

Akhlaq (manner of character) at Home

Story n. 1

His manner and behavior at home was truly like that of Prophet Muhammad (S) (Muhammadi). He never became angry, and we never heard him raise his voice while speaking. While he was gentle, he was also decisive and firm. He gave importance to praying on time, staying up during the nights of the month of Ramadhan, reading the Qur’an out loud, and maintaining organization in all things. As a result of his strong, kind sentiment and extremely kind heart, he would never refuse anyone. One day he said to me, “from morning until now I have answered the door 24 times in order to reply people’s queries”.

‘Allamah’s daughter

Story n. 2

Although he had very little time, ‘Allamah managed his schedule in such a manner that he would spend one hour every afternoon with his family. During this time he was so kind and affectionate that one could not believe that this was an individual occupied with so much work.

‘Allamah’s daughter

Story n. 3

At home ‘Allamah was strongly opposed to anyone else carrying out his personal tasks for him. There was always a competition in turning down the bed [at home]. My father would try to carry out this task before anyone else, and my mother would try to anticipate him. Even in the end when he was sick and I used to go to his home, he would get up from his place to pour his own tea despite his state of illness. And if I objected and said, “why didn’t you ask me to bring me some tea,” he would reply, “no, you are a guest, and you are also a descendant of the Prophet (S) (Sayyid), and I cannot give you any orders”.

‘Allamah’s daughter