The Household Of Al-Husayn (as) In Kufah

‘Umar bin Sa‘d remained [there for the rest of] that day and the next day.1 He ordered the heads of the remainder [of al-Husayn’s followers who had been slain] to be cut off. He then sent seventy-two heads2 with Shamir bin Dhi al-Jaushan, Qais bin Ash’ath, ‘Amru bin al-Hajjaj and ‘Azarah bin Qais. They journeyed until they brought them to ‘Ubaidullah bin Ziyad.

[‘Umar] then ordered Humaid bin Bukair al-Ahmari3 to summon the people for the journey to Kufah. He took with him the daughters and sisters of al-Husayn (as), the children, and ‘Ali bin al-Husayn who was [still] sick.4

Qurrah bin Qais al-Tamimi reports: “I will not forget Zainab, the daughter of Fatimah, when she passed by her brother al-Husayn (as) lying dead. She was crying: ‘O Muhammad! O Muhammad! The angels from the heavens salute you! Here is al-Husayn lying in the plains, covered in [his] blood, with his limbs severed from his body. O Muhammad! And your daughters have become captives, while your offspring have been killed and left for the east wind to blow on them.’ By Allah, her wails made every friend and foe weep5. The women lamented and struck their faces.”6

The Burial of al-Husayn (as) and His Companions

[Some of] the Banu Asad, who had been staying at al-Ghadhiriyyah, buried al-Husayn (as) and his followers, a day after they were killed.7,8

The Head of the Imam (as) Before Ibn Ziyad

Humaid bin Muslim narrates: “Umar bin Sa‘d summoned me and sent me to his family members to give them the good news of the victory of Allah granted to him and that he was in safety. So I proceeded until I came to his family and informed them about that.

There [I saw] Ibn Ziyad sitting, while the delegation that brought [the heads] had [just] entered on him. The [people of] Kindah, led by Qais bin al-Ash’ath, came forward with thirteen heads. The [people of] Hauzan, under Shamir bin Dhi al-Jaushan, came with twenty heads. Seventeen heads were brought by the [men from the] Tamim. Banu Asad brought six heads. Madhhij came with seven heads and the rest of the army came [in] with seven heads. This comes up to seventy heads.

[Ibn Ziyad] let them in and granted the [rest of] people the permission to enter. I was one of those who went in. I saw the head of al-Husayn (as) placed in front of him, while he was poking at his front teeth with a staff. When Zayd bin Arqam9 saw that he would not stop poking [the teeth], he said: ‘Take your cane away from those [two] lips. For, by He beside whom there is no deity, I have seen the lips of the Prophet of Allah (S) on those two lips, kissing them!’ [With that] the old man broke into tears.

Ibn Ziyad said to him: ‘May Allah make your two eyes weep! By Allah, if it was not for the fact that you are an old man who has become silly and your mind has left you, I would cut off your head.’

[Zayd bin Arqam] stood up and went out10 saying: ‘A slave has appointed [another] slave to rule and he is treating [the people]