‘Ammārah ibn Ziyād, the Youth Overflowing with Devotion and Service

‘Ammārah ibn Ziyād belonged to the Tribe of Aws and was one of the Helpers [Ansār] of Medina. When the Noble Prophet (S) was encircled by the enemy, in the Battle of Uhud, Mus‘ab ibn ‘Umayr and Abū Dujānah protected and defended him with all their might and strength.

Five youths of the Ansār of Medina hurried up to help defend the Noble Prophet (S). One of those youths was ‘Ammārah ibn Ziyād. ‘Ammārah ibn Ziyād fought bravely with all his might till he was seriously wounded.

A group of Muslims returned from the battlefront and drove the enemies of Allah away from the Noble Prophet (S). The Noble Prophet (S) looked at ‘Ammārah ibn Ziyād, who had sustained fourteen fatal wounds, and stated, “Come close to me.” ‘Ammārah dragged himself close to the Noble Prophet (S), placed his forehead at his feet and died.1

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