A mother's intimate contact with her child will transmit her morality to him. Children at a very young age consider their mother to be the best refuge and turn to her open arms in happiness and in sadness. They consider her to be their best friend and mediator. Over this period, a mother who gives more attention and care to her child can have a positive effect on the quality of the child's moral growth.

Studying the biography of great men in religion and observing their religious moral characteristics clarifies the point that mothers play a determining role in the behavioural habits and moral ma keup of the child when he grows up. A dutiful mother feeds her child according to religious law and cares for his health and well-being, putting her entire self into this huge responsibility.

Parents, who refrain from bad manners such as telling untruths, using foul language, gossiping, eating unlawful food, etc., will be able to raise pious and healthy children. We should bear in mind that pious children of today are the competent adults of tomorrow's society, and competent children are raised 'by believi ng and healthy parents.

The reason for the expansion of anarchy and the spread of corruption in place of piousness in the West is clearly the evidence of the transmission of the morality from the old to the young. When drinking alcohol, immorality, incessent use of foul language form the basis of a child's moral upbringing, obviously this child will grow up doing the same.

Unless the training environment is revised or replace by new, pious and benevolent teachers, there is no hope for the well-being of the family structure in the future. Most of the corruption that was discussed concerning Western, capitalist and socialist societies is obviously going to be transmitted to future generations.

There should remain little doubt that the equity between women and men in child training should be a real and essential act and other kinds of equalities mentioned concerning capitalistic values should be considered harmful to man kind.

The joining of the spirits of man and wife in a family circle and the sincere devotion between them which lasts until death gives a particular aura of holiness and immense value to family life. Marriage and the formation of a family circle, in fact creates a warm and sincere atmosphere for bringing up the generations to come. The prosperity of the future generations depends solely on family discipline.

The All-Powerful Creator, the Wise and Benevolent God, for the establishment and continuation of the human race, has created strong bonds of love between husband and wife, and between parents and children, and a strong and special bond between mother and child. The social, cultural, emotional and physical tendencies of man stem from the family environment.

The spirit of the child is nurtured in the warmth of the family. It gains flexibility and firmness. A human sociey which consists of such families will grow a strong relation among its individuals and will become like a big family. It is at this stage that individuals feel like brothers and put into practice the verse:

"Truly the believers are brothers."(49:10)

In that kind of family atmosphere everyone wishes well for one another and as they share a common belief and morality, the collective aim is moral and mental health for everyone. Thus fathers and mothers, who are at the pivot of the family, lay the foundation for the health and prosperity of the present and future generations.

Lack of justice and affection in Europe and weak relations between fathers, mothers and their children result in cold family relations. Sincerity and love has left these families and the unity and generosity that is found in Eastern families, particularly with Muslims, can rarely be witnessed there, the main reason being the immoral sexual trends.

These societies, if its authorities are well­ intentioned, have no other choice than to improve the state of sexual behaviour which rules over their societies by encouraging women and men to form independent families which limit sexual affections to one couple who then become fathers and mothers. This is their only alternative to save their societies from complete chaos.

What the West has presented to women under the pretext of equality does not lead anywhere but to exploitation and oppression. It is necessary that all thinkers and writers take steps to uncover this West-East conspiracy and introduce the true character of women to themselves, as the welfare of every society depends on the moral wel being of its people, and their healthy interrelationships.

It is hoped that we have managed to take a step, however small, towards enlightening thoughts and minds concerning this subject. We pray to God for His guidance and salavation from any deviations from straight path.