Family Instability In The West

The main indication of family instability in the West is the rise in the divorce rate. This is not to say that other families are blissfully happy or without problems, but they too, because of their social and ethical relationships within society, suffer from some form of instability. Researchers are trying to discover a solution to this shortcoming which would lead to strengthened family ties.

To reach this goal, they suggest that their youth, upon reaching puberty, should leave their families and with this separation from their parents, take steps in choosing a spouse and forming a family of their own. This period which accompanies the storm of youthful tendencies and feelings, cause the undirected young people to become bewildered and lost.

Today, the West, with its present cultural and social structure, is going through one of the most corrupt periods in its history. In terms of unorthodox sexual relations it is unequalled. In regards to family stability and morality, which is essential for every shared life, young and old families alike suffer. This is the kind of morality the West exports. In this war against virtues, the West is not alone but the East as well plays an effective role.

We refer to some statistics to illustrate these claims. In 1890, 6% of marriages in America ended in divorce. By 1910 the figure increased to 10%. Between 1920 and 1930 the divorce rate was at 14%. At the end of 1939, 20% of marriages in America failed. In 1945, after World War II, the rate had increased to 30%' and by 1947, the 'Baby­ Boomer' years, four out of ten marriages in America ended up in divorce court. Current rates have reached as high as 60%!

It can be seen that due to the increasing figures of divorce, the family has faced increasingly difficult times. In Sweden, over a matter of just 50 years, divorce statistics have risen to ten times that of America.

Every year 27,000 illegitimate babies are added to the Swedish population of 7 million. In Germany, 3 million women who, because of separation and divorce, have been abandoned, take refuge in women's organizations which have taken on the job of supporting them.

On the whole, it could be stated that the most unstable families in the world today live in Europe and America.

Religion's Role In Family Stability

Whenever effective factors for strengthening and stabilizing the family are discussed, religion's role is usually overlooked. This is due to the fact that few have witnessed the effects of religion on the family.

The majority donot consider the religious factor a scientific one, but the truth is that any human being who relies on materialistic values will always be disappointed. The fundamentals of atheism refuse to accept metaphysical factors and effects. In regard to family social problems, they have no answer but that which is obvious and natural, the result of man'sim perfect mind and thoughts.

Just as every physical matter is subject to change and destruction, so are man's futile attempts of little lasting value. Presently those who deny religion, including the capitalist and socialist societies with their common belief in refusing to worship one God and refusing to believe in the spiritual world, have come out in full force to tackle the problem of "family instability".

Centers and communal services have been established in order to educate the public in this area. No solution has been discovered; in fact, according to published figures, their efforts have resulted in a decrease in family stability.

The general assumption is that the only effective factor for the health and growth of the family is by providing for their general needs, such as food, clothing, health, education and recreation.

Without understanding man's inherent needs, they claim to have designed the correct and essential programs for him. In regards to the importance of faith (religion) and its role in rebuilding morality and sensuality of individuals and improving their social relations and also strengthening family ties, it would be essential to point out that religion, in dealing with problems and giving advice to man, has not been satisfied with the mere material and physical side of man.

Taking a look beyond the material factors with awareness of the mysteries and intricacies of human needs, man gains insight and effective ideological weapons with which to defend himself successfully against the enemy of various social corruptions.

Religion is the factor that frees his belief and the fundamentals of thinking from the limited boundaries of this confined world and lays a strong ideological and cultural ground to aid him in gaining the disciplinary powers of thinking and purification of his internal desires and motives.

When man has faith in a religion whose main fundamentals are Tau'hid (Oneness of God) and Ma'ad (belief in Resurrection), his life and movements will enjoy a particular kind of holiness. His life has a purpose. His actions are accompanied with good morals, and his cause and conduct are harmonious to religious teachings and his wishes are the commands of his religion, guaranteing prosperity and well-being of the mind and body.

When the man of a family comes into contact with an error by his wife and as a result becomes angry and acts unsuitably towards her, the results of his actions are a loss to him. These are the signs of disbelief in the benefit of a generous disposition which is one of the effects of believing in God and His mercy and forgiveness. Once religion penetrates his behaviour, mercy and forgiveness will overcome revenge, and optimism will replace suspicion.

His affection and sympathy would be directed towards his spouse and he could better control his anger. The acceptance of advice and counselling with one another is recommended by all religions to all couples. Respecting the rights of a wife, mercy and forgiveness, expression of love, respecting the family, relatives and friends are considered to be the most important of religious teachings.

Why is it that the futility of unorthodoxy which nests in the minds of the materialists and atheists propounds to ensure prosperity among families but the element of religion, which can take root and promote the body and soul, providing man with rightful needs and guiding him to elevated and healthy aims, is considered uneffective?

One pitfall of the West in the making of laws concerning women and families has been their ignorance of the true qualities and characteristics of women. Through this ignorance and lack of understanding they institute laws which do not coincide with man‘s in born needs and tendencies.

One of the most important problems amongst the Godless, capitalist governments in the West is their ignorance or ignoring of the many dimensions of man's existence and his real needs.

In the West man has been called an "economic animal". With a fair judgment of their laws, we shall discover the aims and means behind them to turn man into a tool to fulfill the desires of a greedy bunch of rulers.

Today in the West the motive for marriage has lost its purity. People marry or commit adultery merely to satisfy their animalistic desires. Thus rebellion and extremism replace modesty.

Most degrading of all is the consequences of these false trends which will trap future generations within epidemic diseases of corruption and misguided morality. Abuse of women and children, corrupt establishments and places of debauchery, parental carelessness in cultivating moral principles within the family, disintegration of the family and separation of children from their parents, adopting corrupt lifestyles, addiction, crime, etc are all signs of western societies ruled by corrupt governments.

Morality And The Wheels Of Industry

Since the West prmpered from its industrial and economic growth, it has invested all its power to reach higher industrial and economicaims economic growth focussed on individual planning. Individuals are used as tools of this economic system. A certain reluctance toward's religion and teachings for the growth and guidance of the society has already taken root in most Western rulers' rubbed salt in the wound causing socity to regress into the ghettos of immorality.

The make-up of Western families during the first stages of its expansion was such that the most important daily needs and responsibilities were carried out by family members. The family provided food, clothing and all necessities and with strengthening ties among its members it provided protection against enemies.

The family was also responsible for child training and teaching religious and other matters. Sincerity and faith were felt amongst families. With the beginning of the era of industrialization, the family lost its warm and sentimental existence. It took on an aggressive and harsh tone. Changes in industry church, schooling and national life did not leave the family status unaffected.

Family ties disintegrated or were weakened in the eyes of its members. Industrialization persuaded the young, who were loved by their families, to leave the warm atmosphere of their homes in search of better jobs, comfort, luxury and money. The young and lonely did not hesitate to join any form of corruption in an effort to rid their tired and restless minds from the burden of industrial and economic wheels.

Affection, sympathy love for their fellow man good intention towards one another all disappeared, destroyed by the beatings of the hammers in the factories. Mothers, women, girls and children also followed suit. They too became prey to the great moral and social disease called 'alienation'.

Activities and movements influenced by industrialism have increased over the past century. Social organizations have been established to induce people to work in the factories and leave their former quiet and healthy family life.

This was particularly obvious in the U. S. at the turn of the century. Millions of people travelled back and forth between industrial centers and their rural homes. This new way of life eroded family stability. People started taking tranquilizers to relieve the pressure of this lifestyle, crime and corruption was on the upswing.

With the invention of numerous electrical appliances like washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc. life was transformed from its traditional state extra free time became available, especially for women at home.

Instead of using this extra time to teach and train their children or to organ ise the family by creating useful and constructive hobbies, etc., they were drawn into economic and industrialized centers. They, unknowingly, became pieces of the great Western economic puzzle. With industrial progress, rural areas were deserted and people migrated to the cities.

This in itself had a tremendous effect on agricultural production. They poured into small cramped and frustrating apartments. Economic independence and pride among men and women made both of them negligent of home, family and the children. As a result the new foundation of the family became shaky and often relied on government offices and organisations for help.

American families, even more than others, were affected by these communal changes and with the loss of traditional family structure, its stability was endangered. Lost family unity, people's reluctance to educate children and the carelessness in their training caused the breakup of many families. The spread of careless behaviour among young and old are the results of this industrial revolution.

The rising figures of teenage criminal acts are another clear evidence of this instability. Community help organisations whose job it is to give support and security to women and children have done nothing to improve this situation.

The reality is that the positive and healthy growth of families is considered to be an obstacle to the progress of the capitalist systems. The structure of the society in the West is constantly threatening the family. Organisations in America, who have undertaken the responsibility of caring for the families and children, have practically replaced the traditional family unit, but have failed to bring stability to the society.


Demands for equal rights of men and women accompanied the boom of industrialization and economic progress. Western capitalists, who had now built large factories, needed not only a huge labor force to run them, but a cheap one as well.

A section of society who slaved her days through without being allowed to own anything or have a say in matters, would now more than welcome the passing of a law which would enable her to own what she earned.

Women rushed in where mothers feared to tread. They walked into the factories, stepping over their families to get there. These were the women who raised a generation of keyhole children.

Children who came home from school letting themselves in with their own keys. Children who came home to an empty and cold house to eat a cold lunch, children, who had to keep all the exciting stories of their day for later when their mother would be at home, usually she was too tired from work to listen! This equality of rights between men and women left children motherless.

This child, upon knowing the reasons for his loneliness, would probably disagree with such an equality saying, "No, my mother has never been the same as my father. My mother is kind, loving, warm and generous. She is patient with me and overlooks my mistakes because of her compassion. But my father is not the same. He hardly listens to me when I talk and I dare not do anything wrong when he's around."

Having this innocent argument in mind, one wonders about this law and its execution. What have been the motives behind it? Factors of economy, morality, advertising, and politics could be mentioned as the main reasons behind the issue of equality of women and men's rights. On the economic side, lack of manpower to run the huge industrial machinery at the factories and workshops caused the capitalist to submit the said law to the government.

In Britain, before 1882, women did not own what they earned according to the civil law. The passing of a law guaranteeing this encouraged women to go out to work. Women became good workers, cheap labor and hardworking. In some cases they took the jobs from men, leaving them unemployed. The demand was high for women workers.

This type of active participation of woman in society was detrimental to her natural morality and nature. Her home performance as a mother and a wife were also affected, her children were left in nurseries and day-care centers. Separation of children from their mothers was a great side effect of the equality law.

With her love and affection, a mother can inject lessons of life into her child that no other teacher or nurse can. When a child is away from this source of love and sympathy for ten hours or more each day, both mother and child forget how to communicate and understand each other. They stop learning from and loving each other. Long days in nurseries result in passive learning habits, alienation and estrangement of the child.

A child that is not attracted to his home by a warm family environment will look elsewhere in order to satisfy his natural desire to be loved and wanted. This child will choose to leave such a cold and empty house and enter a corrupt and aggressive society. He is one of the many millions of sacrifices that Western families have had to make in order to keep the wheels of their economy turning.

On the issue of morality, the law of equality of the sexes opened the way to corruption and the spread of immorality in society. It provided the right environment for the fulfillment of sexual desires and made fulfillment easy and available.

Before industrialization small families formed small units who stayed together until death parted them. But after industrialization the young were encouraged to be happy and enjoy life as much as they could because this was to the benefit of the factory owners.

A person who has no ties to wife and ch ild ren has fewer problems, works better and has a better output. This has reached a point that Westerners do not see it necessary to marry and form a family until quite old. At this later age, both men and women have lost the enthusiasm and ability to have and raise the next generation.

This trend does not mean that these men and women are childless. Even though today many men and women marry in their mid-thirties, they have already either had an unwanted pregnancy or an illegitimate child. According to statistics in Britain out of 650,000 babies born in 1984, 20% were fatherless. These illegitimate children are also a category of people that the West will have to deal with.

In the U. S. 90 million youth under the age of 20 are driven out of home and live alone in towns and cities; children and youth who have no identity, who become corrupted and adopt u northodox lifestyles.

They become the transmitters of such deadly diseases as AIDS. This disease, which has spread its killing claws into every section of Western society, is the 20th Century plague which is the consequence of a Western revolt against civilization. Even the respectable members of the United Nations have not been spared.

The fear of this disease has forced authorities to take serious health measures such as increasing public awareness about AIDS through the mass media; using plastic cups and plates and special drinking straws in restaurants; wearing rubber gloves in medical facilities to protect workers from patients, etc.

These are all the results of undermining the family and more importantly, the role of woman in this small unit of society. The Western world, which calls itself civilized, is the symbol of uncivilization, one obvious reason being the degradation and attack on the woman and her dignity.

They took away her identity and offered her doom. They enticed her out of the warm family environment and after dispersing her husband and children, used her as a propaganda tool to sell their commercial products. This they call civilization.

The equality of women and men's right encouraged the consumerization of women. With the expansion of industry all the warehouses were stocked full of luxury goods. Commercial advertising trapped women into spending lavishly on clothes, cosmetics and unnecessary goods dictated by what fashion designers claimed was necessary in clothing, furnishings, etc. Women made good consumers. Having earned the money themselves, they did not hesitate to spend it in any way they wished.

This trend of consumerism gradually found its way to all Western countries and even some of their colonies and it will be anarduous task to stop it. Another reason behind the law of equality of men and women was a political one.

With the establishment of this law, these plunderers managed to gain popularity among women, who make up half of the population of each country. So these corrupt people through their support for this law managed to reach key positions in the office and spread their corrupt ideas of immorality. These ideas proved to be destructive to the talents and abilities of the young minds in the society.

It pre-occupied them with unlimited and unlawful pleasures and wasted their time, effort and energy thus leaving them indifferent and ignorant about the governing of the country. In this way, the politicians backed by the capitalists are left free to exploit the country. Unfortunately this calamity has spread to other countries.

Small countries, who should be able to employ their religion against this imported Western culture and promote themselves to higher goats, have unfortunately succumbed to it. Doing away with corruption is not an easy task. Only firm cultural and ideological moves based on genuine and pure aims can hope to save a society from this difficulty.

Report And Analysis On The Moral Demise Of America

Today the West is the most corrupt region of the world in regards to sexual and moral degradation. It is also going through its worst and weakest period in relation to family fortification and stability.

Children in the West today lack a healthy moral atmosphere for growth. An overwhelming majority, sustain severe damages during their pre-marital life, such that when, in later years they become married, their body and mind is too tired to face even the smallest of problems and difficulties that any shared life might have.

Today in Western and also Eastern societies the young do not tie themsevles down with a family and even if they do, it is because of the financial benefits that they are able to receive from the woman.

Because their aim in forming a family is a financial one, it is not difficult to guess that Wien they arrive at economical fulfilment, this social unit, because it has reached its goal, would end in separation.

America, 'the Mother of Corruption' of this century, while claiming advanced civilization and rulership of the world, is being drawn into the swirl of corruption to the extent that their newspapers and magazines are now voicing their premonitions concerning the demise and doom of the younger generation. They occasionally write a few lines warning the authorities about the young falling into the wells of destruction which surrounds them in that country.

Time magazine in its December 9, 1985 issue, speaks about the moral deviation of the younger generation. In this critical article, the magazine has proven that America's mass media, deliberately or otherwise, contributes a good share to the spread of corruption and social unrest there.

This report is important due to the fact that inside it, America's society has been referred to as a "corrupt society". To prove its point time prints documented statistics of illegitimate sexual relations among the young.

Sadly, the Third World countries have been affected by the Western world1. In many African, Asian and Latin American countries, social structure is adopted from the West. It is clear to the researchers today that the "Western philosophy" has failed in the field of interrelationships between men and women, and is facing a grave problem. It is forseeable that the Western societies will eventually be destroyed by this weak point.

Some statisticians believe that, in the near future, Western and Eastern generations will be comprised of a majority of illegitimate children during whose childhood and adolescence have suffered from spiritual and mental problems which will affect the future management of their societies.

Time reports; "They are from various generations and places but their fates are all similar."

"Just barely 15, a white girl from middle-class Louisville, Kentucky, cares for her six-week old son black 14 year old in San Francisco, California awaits the arrival of her baby. In Minneapolis, Minnesota a native American Indian of 17 struggles to care for her two illegitimate children"

"If present trends continue, American researchers predict that 40% of today's 14-year-old girls will be pregnant at least once before the age of 20."

The statistics surrounding teenage pregnancies are appalling. "With disadvantage creating disadvantage, it is no wonder that teen pregnancy is widely viewed as the very hub of the U.S. poverty cycle.

"The shocking prevalence of teenage pregnancy among white as well as black Americans was brought to light when a nonprofit research center in New York City released the results of a 37-country study. Its findings: the U. S. leads nearly all other developed nations in its incidence of pregnancy among girls ages 15 through 19."

Some may justify this by saying it is the Western moral way of life but Time refers to this as a serious problem needing further investigation. Today, wherever we look in the West, we are faced with unwanted pregnancies, young girls who are desperate. This problem demands urgent attention in order to solve it. Statistics substantiate this.

According to figures, 84% of Americans consider unwanted pregnancies of women under 20 to be a problem causing negative influences on the family. Time writes, "Half of the girls who become pregnant are not able to complete their high school education and the other half raise their fatherless children in poverty and misery."

The strange and frightening thing is that the authorities in these countries and cities do not consider these disgraceful statistics to be detrimental but progressive. They themselves drive the young towards this sea of corruption.

Using the ignorance of the young they conspire against them in order to reach their dominating aims. They lift all restrictions and allow the society to burn in the fire of ignorance and immorality. As an example, a governor general gave permission for the publication of a book that contained guidelines on how to prevent unwanted pregnancies for school girls.

As he put it, "this action proved effective in reducing the anxiety of thousand of concerned people in America who were facing this problem." According to this book, the publication of which was approved by a majority vote of the county committee, the teaching of sexual matters will become obligatatory in all schools. In fact, in some Western countries like England, sex education is a required course in most schools.

The ban on selling contraceptives without a licence has been lifted and a $1 million budget was allocated to advise the young about pregnancy. This law also obliges the families of single mothers to support their children financially and states that they are legally responsible for taking care of the newborns. Time continued by stating, "All the youth and their parents bare a responsbility toward they own actions."

Even when the imperialist governments decide to help the poor, they only make matters worse and further spread corruption. For example, a law was introduced to help the destitute parents providing financial help only to those parents who have three or more children.

Thus, young parents and immature mothers the majority of whose children have not even seen their fathers and other deprived and poverty stricken in society in order to get past this legal obstacle and obtain their daily bread, are motivated to increase the number of their illegitimate children!

Upon closer examination of these matters and the plight of these people, one cannot help but shed tears and feel sorry about their oppression. Why? Why should healthy individuals in a society, blindly or otherwise, be cheated by the great Satan of their own souls and as a result fall prey to the hands of these oppressive governments?

Why must these innocent young girls be sacrificed for the satisfaction of the animal instincts of a bunch of unleashed dogs? Why should they spend their sweetest years of life amidst depression? How could one ignore the role that this propaganda of the imperialistic governments play in this evident crime?

When the government encourages such acts and passes such laws, it should be held responsible for the grave consequences.

We would not be too wrong in saying that the period of jahelia (ignorance) has been revived. The days when ignorant fathers buried their daughters alive! When those innocent tiny bodies cried from beneath the sands, "Father please! Please father, take pity upon me!" No affection ever blossomed in those sealed hearts.

That was the era of ignorance, the era of corrupt ion and ignorant acts by ignorant people. Is the state of these defenseless girls and their fatherless children in America or other parts of the Western world any better than being buried a live? It was in the midst of all this pedantry that the 'Sun of Truth' shined from the East and God's Messenger, Muhammad (S), called upon them,

"Fathers! O men, for what crime are you killing your dear daughters? Daughters are your dear ones; they are the source of your growth and prosperity."

From that day on the despicable habit of killing daughters gradually disappeared and daughters were treated better, becoming dear and precious to their family, giving new life to it.

Yes we thought the era of ignorance had ended forever, but alas, we are destined to witness such ignorance in our own times! The 'dragon of ignorance' this time has raised its head in the West but the flames of its breath have spread around the world.

If the girls in jahelia were buried alive by their fathers, the girls in the West are being tortured to death. They are being driven from home; having to take refuge with strangers; becoming pregnant; having to raise unwanted children while still a very young age themselves; and live on their own with no support.

Once again, Islam, with a divine and liberating call from a horizon not too far and through the words of another revolution, announces: "O you oppressed people of the world! Come to your senses; do not walk over your dignity and pride and do not throw your life under the wheels of industry. Search for your true self and regain your lost honour.

Do not let the warmth of your family circle and the innocence of your children becomes the targets of the attacks of the culture of sexual anarchy. Liberate yourselves and break this yoke of ignominity. Do not allow the false propaganda of the mother of corruption, America to intrude on the pure land of your souls.

Refuse to allow the blossoming talents of your youth to be severed by this brutal industrialized world. Let it flower and gain power to achieve what you desire. O, you who govern the West, take pity on your people, donot sacrifice them for the sake of your prosperity and profiteering."

The spread of corruption in American schools under the given plan increased to an extent that the director of a high school in Chicago decided to open a health clinic inside the school compound. This clinic passes out contraceptives to those girls who bring written permission from their parents.

Every year over three hundred teenage school girls in this city become pregnant. The parents of some students particularly the religious-oriented, protested against the presence of the clinic at school. The problem became so grave that the Americans themselves openly criticized it. The school refused to close the clinic.

The principal, Judith Stenbergen, replied rather vehemently, "The only thing I can say is that we are trying to keep some of the young ladies at school and offer them some welfare services." The committee of the trustees of Los Angeles school is also planning to open health centers in order to prevent early pregnancies of young girls in any way possible.

According to time until now only nine schools throughout America has opened such health and educational clinics. Other clinics are awaiting public readiness to be opened. The result of so many young women giving birth has increased the number of infant deaths and defects.

This is a true story of the West and America. The young people in smaller countries look upon the West as a land of skyscrapers, modern factories shiny cars and fashionable clothes, but the dazzling lights are deceiving and reveal only the surface of this society.

What they see from the distance and through the pictures and movies is only a mirage because as one gets close the mirage disappears and what is seen is the dirty ghettos of deprivation and misery. Yes, only a small minority, i. e., the capitalists who are rich and can spend lavish amounts of money, get the most from this type of society. The rest are unwitting slaves. Alas, the disease of corruption is contagious and does not differentiate rich from poor, young from old.

Even the rich capitalists have sunk under the influence of their own destructive plots for the entire society has become bogged down by this quagmire or immorality, leaving broken homes or in their case, broken mansions and villas! These are all due to the wrong interpretation in the West of the equality of rights of men and women.

Of course, the main reason for this discussion and analysis is not to merely report on it, but, as mentioned earlier, it is to emphasize the importance of marriage and the formation or a family. The consequences of not believing in the importance of the family is what the West is suffering from today.

The only way for the prosperity of a society is to respect the natural rights of men and women within its logical limits and forming the family as one of the most basic social moral and mental units of society. We observed that the societies that refuse to walk in this path are subject to disruption and doom.

  • 1. It must be born in mind that wherever the West is mentioned, it also refers to socialist countries, because socialist countries have imitated the West in regards to women. Of course at first they followed the ideas of Marx and Engles in this regard and continued to do so until the period of Lenin. Because the opinions of the Marxists concerning family and the relationships between men and women were faced with failure, they gradually abandoned those ideas.