This book takes a look at the values and status of the family and its effect on societies; eastern, western and Islamic.

The family unit is composed of several different individual relationships, husband and wife, father, mother, son and daughter; these form the nucleus of society. After all, society is a body of people the sum total of its members. The welfare of any society depends on the moral well-being of its individual relationships.

When the growth and prosperity of the family is given importance and is highly regarded, the welfare of society in turn is safeguarded. No society can be considered healthy if the families which comprise it are suffering from difficulties and instability.

In this book, we would like to reflect on this most important human sanctity; the family, and what form it has taken in the west, the east and what Islam advises, with emphasis on the center of development women, wives and mothers. They are the nucleus of the family unit. Their loving presence in the family unites its members and transforms any dwelling into a 'home'.

So major is their role as mother that Islam the upholder of human nobility, places heaven at their feet. Women in an Islamic society are encouraged to seek education and social and political awareness in order to be active members of their society. As human beings, they were created equally and will be judged equally by God.

In the West, under the pretext of equality, women have been exploited and oppressed to the detriment of the family and the downfall of society. Materially the west may be advanced, but spiritually it is backward. Islamic laws, social and otherwise, are far superior to any in the world, and when they are applied by society, family and individual) stability is achieved.