We have different interactions in our daily life: interaction with the creator, with the society, with the family, with the environment and with oneself. One of the most important of these interactions is interaction with one’s family. The family is the first place that human personality is formed. The success or failure of society to some extent related to the family.

The family is the primary unit of the community, the initial cell at the institutional level, and the essential bridge upon which the former generations of the native land cross to give birth to future generations. In truth, the family is the fundamental social unit through which the newborn child is first introduced to the world, outside its mother’s womb. Because of this protected environment, the child learns the fundamentals of his language, values, norms of behavior, habits, psychological and social leniencies, as well as many factors of his character.

The family, according to the Islamic concept, is not a mere means of satisfying animal instincts, nor is a family’s home merely an abode for sleep. In fact, it represents an educational environment for both spiritual sublimation and intellectual development. It is a place where there is a mutual noble sentiment particularly between husband and wife and among the members of the family in general.1

The book you are holding is intended to gather some of the interesting verses of the Qur’an and some of the traditions of Prophet Muhammad and his Pure Progeny (peace be upon them) about the marriage and family.2 The contents of this book are organized into four sections. The first one is about children’s responsibility towards their parents. The second part is about the parental responsibility. In the third section, some Qur’anic verses and traditions about marriage were collected. The last part is about the responsibilities of spouses.

I hope this book be useful for you so that you become more familiar with the preferred view of Islam and the value it puts on the family.

  • 1. The Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) said: “Whenever God loves a family, He makes them affectionate towards each other.” (Kanz al-Ummal, vol. 3, p. 52, no. 5449).
  • 2. It has been cited more than 50 verses of the Qur’an and 160 traditions of the Prophet and infallible Imams.