بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

This age is the space & electronic age, & man is leaping towards stars & into the depth of this vast universe. But did one ever think who are those personalities around whom, this universe spins & by one small finger’s gesture they split the moon apart.

Who are those who commanded the stars, rocks, mountains, air, water & all the natural & supernatural ingredients of universe & over & above that the heavens & the entire metaphysical world.

Those who truly claimed to be the city of knowledge & learning & whose chest were brimful with wisdom. But then they would not find anyone capable enough to imbibe & digest it.

Alas, there were only a very few who could take in just a bit of what they had.

And so that bit taken was just a tiny fraction of what they possessed has today developed into this huge & gigantic show of knowledge industry & technology by man. Of course, it took man centuries to develop the little amount of knowledge he had received.

It was only possible through some highly caliber & genius personalities like Jabbir bin Hayyan the father of today’s sciences, Alberuni, Ibn sina the father of medicine, Abul Haisam & some others who were all the pupils of the household of Prophet Muhammad (S)

So briefly speaking they as the torch bearer & flag holders of knowledge & learning picked up a drop from the mighty & gigantic ocean of knowledge, (the city of knowledge & his descendants) & passed it on to the coming generations for further consideration, contemplation, research, investigation & elaboration,

Now, that man has entered the space age he looks back to the real source of his modern developments & progresses, and only then the honest researcher humanists, philosophers & thinker like Zhol Laboom, Denourt, Lora Waksia Walgari came to admit the bare & plain facts, French thinker Zhol Laboom says in the book "the detail of verses", “knowledge & learning came to our hand from the Muslims"

Renounced orientalist Denort said "It is obligatory for us to admit that Physical sciences, astronomy, Philosophy & mathematics which reached their zenith in Europe are mostly from the beneficence of Quranic learning,"

Thus it becomes inevitable to recognize those upon whom this sacred book of knowledge & wisdom was revealed, & those are its heir up to this day.

And cannot find a single soul in the universe except Muhammad (S) & his household her daughter, the gracious & magnanimous Fatima (sa), his cousin Ali (as) the grand, splendid & sublime personality known as the gate of the city of Prophet's knowledge & the eleven Imams who are his descendants & progeny.

These fourteen channels of knowledge & wisdom are linked up with Allah (SWT) so their knowledge is divine knowledge.

Even today their effects, such as Nahjul Balaghah, speech of Fatima (sa) Sahifatul Sajjadia, Saheefa al-Alawiyyah & frame work of social, moral, ethical, logical educational, economical norms & standards for humanity with which it can put a curb & restraint upon the various evils, vices & misfortunate catastrophes like war, famine, destruction, illiteracy, disease & annihilation.

Humanity by curbing the ever growing lawlessness, & oppression can turn this. World full of misery into a glorious heaven with all the thinkable & possible comforts, joys, fraternity & felicitations.

To sum up, the need of introducing & materializing the aspirations of the holy Prophet of Islam & his progeny has grown multiply in this age. The need to translate, propagate & spread their mission of peace & tranquility.

So this book is an effort towards this end. Although with its small volume & limited boundaries it can just be called a symbol & indicator for the researchers & a guideline for them to proceed ahead & discover the genuine & natural phenomenon of the metaphysics & the highway to the Divine Light leading to eternal prosperity.

It contains 560 Hadiths which covers many dimensions of the human life & for those seeking solution to the today's world problems, it is a guide. Yet there is need to probe into the rest of the Hadiths through strenuous efforts.

As already mentioned this knowledge is 'a beneficence, & benevolence equally for those in the East or west whether they are white or black, yellow or red.

I earnestly pray to Almighty Allah to give us the courage, strength & sincerity to gather up the gems from the heritage of Muhammad (S) & his Household (as).

And to put that into practice.

I have put in sincere effort to do the job of translating these Hadiths.

But it was not an easy thing to do since:

The speech of the leader (Imam) is the Imam (leader) of all speeches.

کلام الامام امام الکلام

But only with their help & affection could this job be completed.

Any help suggesting an improvement in the short comings of this translation including Islamic terminology will be appreciated.

Javed Iqbal Qazilbash
Seminary of Qum