The Present Book

The text of this book has been compiled under the title of .Forty Hadiths from each of the fourteen infallibles (as), by the of Islamic Propagation organization, the International relations, Turkish Dept. And published & circulated in 320 pages' of the Rukkai size, in the year 1360 (S.H).

The compilation of this book by the said organization has taken place, with the co-operation & co-working of two dear excellent brothers Aqai Fakharuddin Altan & Aqai Mujahidi who are respectable students of the Qum's seminary, as under:

Following the preface, firstly the particulars of each of the fourteen infallibles are described & then comes the Arabic text of the forty traditions from each infallible with their references. Thereafter, those have been translated into Turkish language in the Latin scripture.

And this method is quite interesting, attractive & initiative in it form, that forty sayings of each infallible concerning various affairs & dispositions, be narrated.

And since it's translation into Persian was quite beneficial in making us aware & acquainted with the rich, wealth & vast moral, ethical, political, credence, belief social & economical culture of the family & house hold of the Prophet hood (S) was a guide to the healthy & sound way of Islamic life, so steps were taken to get it done.

It has been endeavored that the translation be in the form of sentence to sentence although on a few occasions it became inevitable for us to translate freely.

This book consists of 560 Hadiths, arranged in a manner that their Arabic text & then Persian translation has been put forward.

We hope that all of us shall learn constructive, positive & beneficial lessons from these profound, deep, lofty & dignified words, & take useful, & positive steps in life to bring about the purity & betterment of our souls & the society, by putting them into practice.

Seminary of Qum. Muhammad Muhammadi Ishtehardi.

Summer 1371 (S.H).