Allah's Messenger (as) Reveals Fatima’s (sa) Future

It was natural for the Prophet (S) who knew and foretold the future events, to reveal to his family, especially his beloved daughter Fatima (sa), the events which they would face in the future. He (Prophet (S)) undoubtedly informed Fatima az-Zahra (sa) that she was going to suffer from the harsh treatment of some so called Muslims after his death, and that she would be the first to follow him to the blessings of Paradise after his departure.

There are many traditions reported to this effect; the following are just a few samples:

1. Bihar v.10: Sheikh Mufeed is quoted as writing in his book Al-Amali that Abdullah Ibn Abbas said:

"When Allah's Messenger was on his deathbed, he cried until tears overtook his beard.

So was asked:

`What makes you cry, Messenger of Allah?'

The Prophet (S) answered: `I am crying for my progeny, for the crimes that will be committed against them by the evildoers of my nation after my death. It is as if I (can see) my daughter, Fatima, being oppressed and crying: "O Father!" But no one will come to help her among my Ummah.'

Fatima az-Zahra (sa) began weeping when she heard this, so the Prophet (S) said to her:

'Do not cry my daughter'

She (sa) said: 'I am not crying because of that which will be done to me after you; rather, I am crying because I will be separated from you, Messenger of Allah'

He (as) then said: `Rejoice, O daughter of Muhammad, at the close succession to me, for you will be the first one to follow me from among my Ahlul-Bayt.'

2. Bihar v.10, quoting the previous source wrote:

"The Prophet (S) said: `When I saw her (Fatima), I remembered what would happen to her after my death. It is as if I (could see) humiliation entering her house, her sanctity violated, her right seized, her inheritance usurped, her side broken, and her unborn child being caused to be aborted, all while she is crying:


'But she will not be answered, she asks for help but she will not be helped. Surely she will remain afflicted, sad and crying after me, remembering the cease of revelation from her father's house at one time, and remembering being separated from me another time. She will become estranged at night, when she used to spend listening to me reciting the Qur’an. She then will see herself humiliated after she was honored during the days of her father...'"

3. Bihar v.6:

According to The Interpretation of The Qur’an written by Furat Ibn Ibrahim, Jabir Ibn Abdullah Ansari reported that Allah's Messenger (as) said to Fatima az-Zahra (sa) during the illness, which caused him to pass away:

"May my father and mother be your sacrifice! Call your husband for me."

Fatima az-Zahra (sa) then told Al-Hasan (as) and Al-Husayn (as):

"Go tell your father to come, and that your grandfather summons him."

Thus, Al-Husayn (as) went and called him to come. When ‘Ali Ibn Abu Talib (as) entered the house, he found Fatima az-Zahra (sa) sitting near Allah's Messenger (as) and saying:

'How distressed I am for your agony, Father!!'

The Prophet (S) said:

'There is no agony for your father after this day, Fatima. Yet, do as your father did when (his son) Ibrahim passed away:

Then I (Fatima az-Zahra (sa)) said:

`Eyes spill tears, and the heart may be affected, but we shall not say that which angers the Lord. Yet, surely we are saddened by (your death) Ibrahim!!'"

4. Bihar v.6:

'Once, the Prophet (S) summoned ‘Ali (as), Fatima az-Zahra (sa), Al-Hasan (as) and Al-Husayn (as), and ordered everyone present in the house to leave. He then ordered Umm Salama to stand at the door so no one could come near it.

The Prophet (S) then said to ‘Ali:

"Come near me."

‘Ali (as) came near as the Prophet (S) asked; he then held Fatima's hand and put it on his chest for a long time, and held ‘Ali's (as) hand in his other hand. When the Prophet (S) tried to speak, he was overtaken by tears, and was unable to do so. Therefore, ‘Ali (as), Fatima az-Zahra (sa), Al-Hasan (as) and Al-Husayn (as) cried when they saw him (Prophet (S)) crying.

Fatima az-Zahra (sa) then said:

"Messenger of Allah! You have broken my heart and brought sorrow to me with your crying. You are the Master of all Prophets and the trusted Prophet of your Lord; you are the beloved Prophet of Allah! Who do I have for my children after you? Who do I have to protect me from the humiliation, which will inflict me after you? Who does ‘Ali, your brother and the helper of your religion, have after you? Who is to (attend to) Allah's revelation and affair?"

Fatima az-Zahra (sa) then broke down crying and embraced him together with ‘Ali (as) , Hasan (as) and Husayn (as). The Prophet raised his head, and while holding Fatima’s (sa) hand, he placed it in ‘Ali's (as) hand, and said:

'Abu Al-Hasan, she is Allah's and His Messenger's, Muhammad, trust to you. Therefore, keep Allah's and His Messenger's trust by protecting her. Surely I know you will.'

'‘Ali, this (Fatima) by Allah, is the Mistress of all women of Paradise; this, by Allah, is (like) Maryam al-Kubra.'

'By Allah, before I reached this state, I asked Allah (certain things) for you and I, and He surely has given me what I asked.'

'‘Ali, Execute that which Fatima commands you to do, for I have commanded her to (perform certain affairs) which Gabriel ordered me to do. Be informed, ‘Ali that I am satisfied with him who my daughter is satisfied with, so is my Lord and the angels.

'‘Ali, Cursed is he who oppresses her;

Cursed is he who usurps her right;

Cursed is he who violates her sanctity..."

The Prophet (S) then embraced Fatima (sa), kissed her hand and said:

"May your father be your sacrifice, Fatima."

At that moment, the Messenger of Allah (S) was putting his head on ‘Ali's (as) chest; but his love for Fatima az-Zahra (sa) kept driving him to embrace and kiss her repeatedly. He cried until his tears made his beard, and shirt wet.

Imam Hasan (as) and Imam Husayn (as) began crying, and kissing his feet; when Imam ‘Ali (as) tried to separate them, the Prophet (S) said:

"Let them smell me and let me smell them;

Let them be near me, surely they will be afflicted with sorrows and difficult problems after me. May Allah curse him who abuses them.'

O Allah!! I commend them to your protection and to the protection of the righteous believers."

Meanwhile, Fatima (sa) was speaking to her father with a crying voice and saying:

"May my soul be your sacrifice!

May my face prevent harm from your face!

Father, can you not speak a word to me?!

Surely I see the knights of death attacking you fiercely!!"

Allah's Messenger (as) then said:

"Daughter, I am leaving you;

thus, peace be upon you from me"