And now…dear believer…dear truthful monotheist and purified reader, prostrate now before anything out of praise and gratitude to Allah (SWT) that He (SWT) guided us to the truth. After all, we would not have been guided if He (SWT) has not guided us. It is only now that you have completed your faith and your religion and the Bounty of Allah (SWT) has been perfected on you as He (SWT) approved for you Islam as a Religion. We can both finally sleep a good night’s sleep, for the whole life of this world is now in your hands. You are the most rich in it although you may be poor or deprived. You are its master even if you are a weak or oppressed slave. You are now truly the Caliph of Allah (SWT) on Earth and He (SW) has created it for you, not for anyone else. You now have many duties towards it, for you must strive to raise the word of Allah (SWT), His rules and laws on Earth. You must invite the people to His Worship, Oneness, and Belief in Him. Let the light of true faith shine from you to the others and become a lantern for those who miss their way, those who are confused, and those who are hesitant.

Let us challenge and stand up against the oppressors, corrupters, arrogant, hypocrites, and nonbelievers, for they are your enemy and the enemies of Allah (SWT) and the Religion. Stand up against them, expose their falsehood, and fight them if you can! After all, they represent the seeds of evil and seduction, and they are the reason for the torture of humanity, and the soldiers of the devil. Every time you stand up against their injustice and corruption, you will be pleasing Allah (SWT), the Imam of the Time, and the Wasi of the Final Revelation and Religion and you would be facilitating the establishment of his government when his time comes.

So, help propagate the truth on Earth, for you are worthy of that and the whole Earth is created by Allah (SWT) for you, dear true believer! You are the Caliph in it, so perform the righteous deeds sincerely and seek the knowledge and help from God. Place your hands in the hands of the other believers like yourself and stand by them. Cooperate with each other on the righteousness and piety, and enjoin the truth with each other, and exhort one another on patience, as Allah (SWT) ordered. Do not seek high status or corruption on Earth. Rather, arm yourself with patience and good manners, and put everything in its proper place the way it’s supposed to be. And beware of seeking the pleasures and luxuries of this worldly life, for it is the door of all destruction! So try to live a simple life and be satisfied and content with what Allah (SWT) willed for you. Always seek the Hereafter and do not remove your eyes from it. Try to enrich your Hereafter with good deeds and charity, and beware of fanaticism except for Allah (SWT) alone.

Always enjoin the truth including yourself and be fair to the people, even with your enemy. Support those who are weak and oppressed and be with them and for them. Watch your tongue and desires, and use your intellect as much as you can. After all, do not forget that Allah (SWT) saved you by your mind and distinguished you from the others. With your mind, He (SWT) made you complete your religion and reach the shore of salvation. So hold on tightly to the chain of your faith, starting from your One and Only Creator, and ending with your last Wasi and the Awaited Mahdi!

This is the firm handhold which could never be untied and this is indeed the whole Book! This is the right path, the path of those whom Allah (SWT) has bestowed His Favour upon including the prophets, messengers, Awsiyaa, Imams, Awliyaa, and those who believe in them and follow their path. Beware of neglecting this chain or any part of it, for each part supports each other and are built on each other. This blessed chain is what attracts you to your Creator and Lord, and connects you with Him. It sets up a lively, continuous, and lovely relationship with Allah (SWT), and this relationship is the guarantee for your salvation!

If you commit a sin, He (SWT) will guide you to repentance so that you repent and He (SWT) forgives you. If you fall down, He (SWT) will raise you. If you make a mistake, He (SWT) will alert and correct you. If you face a problem, He (SWT) will help you, and if you undergo hard times, He (SWT) will provide you relief. If you pray to Him, He (SWT) will accept your prayer. If you remember Him, He (SWT) will remember you. If you transgress, He (SWT) will forgive you and if you go astray He (SWT) will guide you. If you forget, He (SWT) will remind you, and if you knock on His door, He (SWT) will open it for you.

If you seek His Help, He (SWT) will help you, and if you seek His Sustenance, He (SWT) will provide sustenance to you. If you seek His Pleasure, He (SWT) will be pleased with you. If you become distant from Him, He (SWT) will wait for your return. If you become angry, He (SWT) will soothe and appease you. If you become sad, He (SWT) will make you feel better. If you become worried, He (SWT) will remove your worries from you. If you make an intention, He (SWT) will protect you. If you depend on Him, He (SWT) will be your caretaker.

If you seek His victory, He (SWT) will make you victorious. If you go out, He (SWT) will take care of you. If you stay, He (SWT) will be your companion. If you sleep, He (SWT) will watch over you. If you awake from sleep, He (SWT) will initiate with you. If you become sick, He (SWT) will cure you. If you feel pain, He (SWT) will award you. If you pray, He (SWT) will connect with you. If you give charity, He (SWT) will thank you. If you fast, He (SWT) will accept it from you. If you perform pilgrimage, He (SWT) will welcome and host you. If you take a palm-length step towards Him, He (SWT) will take one full arm-length step closer to you!

If you walk towards Him, He (SWT) will come rushing to you. If you swear upon Him, He (SWT) will fulfill your vow. If you cry out of fear from Him, He (SWT) will secure you. If you love Him, He (SWT) will love you. If you become sincere with Him, He (SWT) will raise and dignify you. If you struggle for His Sake, He (SWT) will support you and give you power.

If you fight for His sake, He (SWT) will guide your shot to its target. If you seek His Help, He (SWT) will not turn you down. If you call Him, He (SWT) will answer “Here I am!” If you seek His Refuge, He (SWT) will provide refuge for you. If you seek His protection, He (SWT) will protect you. If you contemplate about Him, He (SWT) will inspire you. If you extend your hand to Him, He (SWT) will fill it for you. If you fear Him and avoid His anger, He (SWT) will increase your light. If you perfume yourself for His sake, He (SWT) will make you beloved by the other. If you beautify yourself for Him, He (SWT) will beautify you.

If you place Him alone in your heart and life, He (SWT) will please you and give you comfort. If you forgive, He (SWT) will forgive you. If you have mercy, He (SWT) will have mercy on you. If you take revenge, He (SWT) will support you. If you hold your anger, He (SWT) will take the revenge for you. If you walk, He (SWT) will protect you. If you travel, He (SWT) will provide you a safe return. If you marry, He (SWT) will bless your marriage. If you judge, He (SWT) will pass your judgment. If you have children, He (SWT) will honor them for your sake.

If you ask Him, He (SWT) will answer you. If you become patient and content, He (SWT) will reward and satisfy you. If you obey Him, He (SWT) will make everything obey you. If you became humble to Him, He (SWT) will dignify you. If you worship Him, He (SWT) will accept your worship and empower you. If you raise His Word, He (SWT) will make the people fear you. If you keep contact with your kin for His Sake, He (SWT) will lengthen your age. If you prostrate to Him, He (SWT) will approach you. If you reach old age, He (SWT) will give you health and enrich you. If you feel satisfied with Him, He (SWT) will let you enjoy your life. If you seek to meet Him, He (SWT) will also seek to meet you.

If your death is pending, He (SWT) will be near you. If you die, He (SWT) will pray on you. When you enter your grave, He (SWT) will grant you with a secure statement and testimony. When you die, He (SWT) will provide you relief and show you your place in Paradise and He (SWT) will make your grave become a garden from the gardens of Paradise. When the trumpet is blown, He (SWT) will resurrect you in your best picture and place your Book in your right hand. He (SWT) will provide you safety from agony and enlighten your face. He (SWT) will make your reckoning easy and will facilitate your passage across the bridge of Hell (Siraat). He (SWT) will let your prophet and Awliyaa intercede on your behalf.

He (SWT) will bring you to the pool of Prophet Muhammad (SA) to drink from it with your own hands. He (SWT) will call upon you to enter Paradise and join the group of Prophet Muhammad (AS) and his progeny, for they are your loved ones! You will meet Ridwan and the guards of the Garden who will greet you with peace and permit you to enter in the highest of ranks, so Congratulations to you! You will then have seen the Garden of Bliss (Jannatul Na'eem) and you will become eternally joyful! You will achieve the Great Paradise so your heart will feel happy.

You will reside in the House of Majesty (Daar Al Jalala), how happy you will be?! In the Garden of Refuge (Jannat Al Ma'wa), how happy you'll be! You will reside there eternally, in the company of the good, the purified, and the righteous people, how happy you'll be! In the Garden of Eden, how happy you'll be! You will live near those who are close to Allah (SWT), in proximity to Muhammad and his progeny, near your Lord, by the love of your Lord! How happy you’ll be! And no one will be granted such goodness except those who exercise patience and self-restraint, and none are granted it except the persons of the greatest good fortune!

So, Peace be upon you, dear truthful believer and faithful reader, may the mercy and blessings of Allah (SWT) be upon you! We ask you for your prayers and farewell to you! See you (God willing) in Paradise, the extensiveness which is that of the heavens and the earth, which is prepared for the righteous! See you (God willing) in the seat of honor, in the presence of the most Powerful King! See you (God willing) in the group of those who love each other for the sake of Allah (SWT), those who gathered over Him and became separated over Him! Peace be upon you, Oh Seal of Prophets and may His Mercy and Blessings be on you! Peace be upon you, Oh Prophets and Messengers altogether and may His Peace and Blessings be upon you all! Peace be upon you, Oh Awsiyaa, Awliyaa, and Imams altogether!

Peace be upon you, Oh Sustainer, the Awaited Mahdi, and may Allah (SWT) hasten your honorable appearance and may His Mercy and Blessings be upon you! May He (SWT) make us among your supporters, soldiers, defenders, and those who attain martyrdom between your hands! Peace be upon us and the good worshippers of Allah (SWT)! Peace be upon those who follow the guidance till the Day of Judgment! Peace be upon all of the angels of Allah (SWT)! And praise be to Allah, the Lord of all Worlds!!!