Ziyarah of the Greatest Prophet (S)

The ziyarah of the Greatest Prophet‑ may Allah's peace and benedictions be upon him and his Family‑ is a highly mustahabb duty. He is reported to have said, "Whoever visits my grave after my death is like one who has migrated with me in my life." He also said, "A salat in my mosque is like a thousand ones offered elsewhere with the exception of al‑Masjid al‑Haram, as to which a salat there is equal to a thousand in my mosque." It is emphasized that the mustahabb salat in the Prophet's Mosque should be offered between his tomb and the minbar, where, a tradition says, is a ‘garden of the gardens of Paradise.'

To visit all other mosques of al‑Madinah, like Masjid Quba, Mashrabat Umm Ibrahim, Masjid al‑'Ahzab, etc. and also the graves of the martyrs, in particular that of Hamzah (‘a) at Uhud, is also mustahabb. Also mustahabb is paying visit to the tombs of the Imams (‘a) buried in al‑Baqi’, viz., al‑'Imam al‑Hasan, al‑Imam Zayn al‑‘Abidin, al‑Imam al‑Baqir, and al‑'Imam al‑Sadiq, who upon whom all be peace and best of blessings.

As to the ziyarah of Fatimah (‘a), the mother of al‑Hasan and al‑Husayn, it is as important as that of her father, of whom she is a part (bidha'ah). There are several reports about the location of her honoured tomb, of which the most probable seems to be the one according to which she was buried in her house adjacent to her father's mosque. When the mosque was extended by the Umayyads, the grave also came to be included inside it. This is what Ibn Babawayh (al‑Shaykh al‑Saduq) believed. We think this is highly probable, because it agrees closely with the tradition that her grave is in a garden between the grave (of the Prophet) and the minbar. Allah alone has knowledge of everything.