“Praise be to Allah who is the Lord of the Worlds.” (1:1)

Infinite thanks to Him who granted a humble being the permission to undertake this task.

Deep appreciation and thanks to Shaheed e Lahore, Syed Mohammad Jaffer Zaidi Shaheed, for enriching us generously with love of the Ahlul Bayt by virtue of these lectures.

A special note of thanks to my father, Syed Marghoob Ahmed for sowing the seeds of mawaddat all along the path. He was the architect of the earlier publication in Urdu and is the moving spirit behind this translation too. That Collection was his way of expressing love for the Prophet and his Aal and also paying tribute to his longtime friend and mentor, Syed Mohammad Jaffer Zaidi Shaheed. This translation (of six lectures) is my humble way of paying respect to my father’s departed soul and marks a continuity of his untiring efforts to promote and share Zikr e Ahlul Bayt.

I am indebted to Ayatullah Syed Aqeel Al Gharavi for writing a tribute to Maulana Syed Mohammad Jaffer Zaidi Shaheed, for inclusion in this Collection of Lectures.

My gratitude and thanks also to my family and friends for being my perpetual helpline and for their sincere assistance and encouragement all along.