“All Praise to the Almighty who guided us to this path and we would not have been guided if He had not guided us. Indeed the Prophets of God brought the truth”. (7:43)

Peace be upon our Prophet and his pure Aal. May the eternal Blessings of the most Merciful Lord surround them till such time that we live and till such time that days and nights continue to exist.

These lectures were originally published in Urdu in 1985 in an effort to share them with as many people as possible. The English translations now aim to reach out to a wider audience including those not familiar with the Urdu language. It is also a genuine effort to transmit this valuable treasure onto our next generations, my children and grandchildren in particular, now globally placed, in a language that is more familiar to them. The earnest desire, then and now, is to reaffirm our love for our Prophet and his Ahlul Bayt and to keep their Zikr alive.

May God grant us the intercession of the Prophet’s grandson on the Day of Reckoning. May He keep us steadfast on the path of truth along with Imam Hussain and his worthy companions who laid down their lives before him, in a bid to protect him.