Recitation of Darood (PBUH) is essential when the name of the Last Prophet is mentioned. The names of the Imams are to be coupled with salutations (A.S) too. For the flow of narrative they are not always part of the text, but the reader is trusted to offer these salutations.

A literal translation of the lectures is presented here. It is based on the Urdu text first published in 1985 from Karachi and again from Lahore in 2005. A genuine effort has been made to remain as close to the text as possible. The Urdu version besides its rich religious content is also a masterpiece of literature. True literary justice however, was not possible while translating from Urdu into English.

Capital ‘P’ or ‘M’ is used for words ‘prophet’ and ‘messenger’ when referring to the Last Prophet directly by name or indirectly and for others only when name is identified. For a general reference to them lower case letters are used.

The Appendix in this Collection shares the translation of the original appendix printed in the Urdu collection and some selected texts from pamphlets published by my late father.

The Glossary at the conclusion will help readers to understand the transliterations of Arabic or Urdu words and phrases used in the text.