Prayer and Epilogue

O God, Who have illuminated the hearts of the awliya’ with the light of love and cleared the tongues of the lovers of Thy beauty from the taints of egoism, and have placed Thy majesty beyond the reach of self-seeking wretches!

Awaken us from the intoxication of worldly delusion and deliver us from the heavy slumber of nature, and remove with ‘My gesture the thick curtains and obstructing veils of egotism and self-seeking. Let us into the assembly of the holy ones of Thy threshold and into the holy company of the sincere God-seekers. Remove from us these devilish, ugly, and coarse qualities of ours and our pretensions and waywardness. Inform with sincerity and love our movements and pauses, our actions and works, our beginning and end, and our outward and inward being.

O God! Your blessings are given without prior deservedness (Worthiness is not a condition for the Lord’s gifts)1 and Your gifts are unlimited. The door of Your mercy and favor is wide open and the table of Your boundless bounties is spread out. Give us a fervent heart and an arduous passion, a woeful heart and a tearful eye, a restless and impassioned mind and a breathless and fiery breast. Let the end of our live be in a state of sincere devotion to You and with the love of the elect of Your threshold, that is, those who represent the prologue of the book of being and the epilogue of the scrolls of the manifest and the Hidden, Muhammad and his immaculate kindred and progeny, may God’s blessings be upon all of them

And to God belongs all Praise, firstly and lastly, outwardly and inwardly.

Concluded by the mortal hand of this indigent writer on Friday afternoon of the fourth of the month of Muharram al-Haram of the year 1358 H. [1939], and in God is my reliance and trust, at every commencement and conclusion.

  • 1. This is a reference to the following couplet from Rumi’s Mathnawi (daftar 5, bayt 1537).

    چاره آن دل عطاري مبدليست داد اورا قابليت شرط نيست