Author's Preface

In the Name of God, The Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

When invited by the esteemed IRI's cultural attaché in Moscow, in November of last year, I had the honor to travel to Russia accompanied by the esteemed officials of Besat Foundation, to closely examine the grounds of expansion of cultural strategies and activities in that territory, so that we could compile an executive plan, based on the existing potentials and facilities. We met different top echelon religious and cultural individuals there.

During this visit, we attended a session where officials of religious and cultural affairs of Russia and Tatarstan countries were present, in which they expressed their great interest in Islamic books, texts and even textbooks in Islamic ethics and education.

There is a population of nearly 20 million Muslims in the Russian Federation and particularly in north Caucasia and lands on the Volga riverbank, as well as Muslim and non-Muslims in other countries as addressees in the former Soviet Union who speak Russian fluently. These people have a habit of reading and studying while traveling by the public transportation system.

Translation Movement Institute started its operation nearly a year ago by translating and electronically publishing texts related to Islamic Education. Such facts caused this institute to address the Russian community and to focus the organization of its activities on them.

Having studied the human rights in Islam for a decade I decided to write a simplified, fluent and eloquent short book. I made up my mind to translate it into Russian before publishing it. In this text I intended to introduce and clarify the advanced principles of human rights in Islam to them.

As suggested by the esteemed managing director of Besat Foundation, it was decided that the Persian text be published simultaneously with the Russian translated text. I am thankful to the Almighty and pray that I will have the pleasure to continue my endeavors in this regard.

Abbass Khajeh Piri, Ph. D