Bestowing Love and Peace

The Messenger of Allah (s) said:

“I swear to Allah in Whose hand my life is, that you cannot attain heaven and eternal happiness unless you have faith, and you cannot have faith unless you love each other. Should I not guide you towards some task, as a result of which, love and friendship will be created among you?” They answered: “Yes, O Prophet of Allah” He added: “So, salute each other (with peace) openly and clearly.”1

Our religion is Islam. It is the religion of fraternity and brotherhood among people. Prophet Muhammad (s) called people towards friendship and caring because they are the foundation of co-operation and happiness in this life. One feels happy and at peace when living with one's own family or with loving friends. That feeling and love and respect goes both ways and one cannot forget family and friends because of one's loves for them.

It is when there is no love that enmity among people is created which often leads to aggression breaking out. If there was real love, fighting among people would not erupt nor would one steal another's property nor would there be such a gap between rich and poor.

Allah will not be pleased with us and we not will live in happiness unless we love each other.

Our Prophet (s) guides us towards the right path by instructing us to greet each with the salutation of peace (salam) as the first sign of showing affection for each other. He says: “Salute each other (with peace) openly and clearly.”

He guides us in this way because such a salutation and greeting make both love and happiness enter our souls.

Love among Muslims is a sign for their true and sincere belief, and all Muslims are brothers and they love each other.

So, whoever dislikes his Muslim brothers and hurts them is not a true believer. This is endorsed by the Messenger of Allah (s) who says: No believers will be true in their belief unless they love each other.

These holy traditions (hadith) guide us to the knowledge that Allah will be displeased with us and will not let us enter Paradise unless we believe and act upon the guidance of His Prophet. His Messenger has spelt out: It is obligatory for Muslims to love each other in order to be believers and thus enter Paradise.

To Summarise

1. No one will enter Paradise except the person who truly believes in Allah.

2. A Muslim cannot be a true believer unless he loves his other Muslim brothers.

3. Initially saluting each other with peace causes love and fraternity among people and reaches their hearts.

4. Those who salute and greet others deserve and gain the double reward of happiness in the life of this world and in the Hereafter.

  • 1. Tabrasi, Mishkat al-Anwar, p. 123, Sunan Abi Dawood, vol.4, narrated by Abu Huraira.