Whom Allah Loves Most

The Messenger of Allah (s) said:

“All mankind belongs to Allah; therefore the most favoured by Allah is the one who is good to his or her own family”1

A man once asked the Messenger of Allah (s):

“What people does Allah love most?”

He said: “Those who are most useful to other people.”2

Through the quoted holy traditions (hadith), the Messenger of Allah (s) teaches us in simplistic terms how to deal with people and how a Muslim should behave with individuals in society.

Indeed, a Muslim should be a useful member of the community in which he or she lives, because human society is like the human body. The human body consists of different organs for different functions, for instance the eye takes the duty of seeing, the tongue for speaking, the legs for walking and the hands for working. Consequently, each of these organs has a benefit and use for the human body without which man cannot live normally.

Therefore, human society is made up of different people, who carry out certain duties to perform necessary services.

A farmer supplies food, a doctor attends to the sick, the holy struggler (mujahid) defends his religion and country, and the teacher educates people. These few examples show that each person offers advantages in providing for people.

The Messenger of Allah (s) likens human society to a single family by saying:

All mankind belong to Allah, the Exalted, Who loves goodness and benefits them; and Who preserves their interests and welfare, like a man who takes care of his or her own family by providing care and assistance.

Therefore, Allah loves those who do good to people and whoever helps the needy, cares for the sick, provides food for the hungry, reconciles people, discovers new medicines, builds a school or establishes an orphanage to look after children without parents. Indeed a true believer does all these for the benefit of other people and is a useful asset to his or her society.

Consequently, the most useful person in society is he who is the best and most beneficial, whom Allah loves most, because an Islamic society cannot be a strong and caring one, in which peace and happiness prevails, unless people do good to the advantage of all and ignore their own personal interests.

To Summarise

1. The best among people is the one who does good to all and is most useful to society.

2. A Muslim is one who loves to do good for society.

3. Allah surely loves those who do good for society.

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