My Dear son Mustafa,1

In your presence lies my bliss, and with your light my life be illuminated. When your full moon set, and your person became out of my sight, the world encompassed me with its misfortunes and calamities, rendering me a stranger though being one of its children.

To you, my darling son, I dedicate this book of whose compilation I never sought but the very truth on which Allah brought you into being, and which you always used to prefer and have confidence in. And also (I should) to render service to the knowledge for which you devoted yourself, and spent whole of your life, doing your utmost to acquire it, giving up the ghost on its way.

O my son, by God I am still keeping the same profound love toward you, the parable of which no one other than you has ever gained, and your position in my heart can never be attained by other than you.

Should you be away of my sight and go too far,

Still in my heart you are present and near,

Your phantom is in my concept and remembrance on my mouth,

And my heart is place of your abode, so where to go?

While grief for you, and feeling sorrowful for you can never be affected by elapse of days, or be calmed down by prolongation of years, as it is neither possible to bear patiently your absence, nor consolation is there for you.

How would I seek recovery of what I have, and nothing,

Is there to cure me except to live in your soil,

Half of my life I spent while the other half is still,

Desiring! And annihilation is of his wishes.

Mahmud Abu Riyyah
Cairo – Jizah

  • 1. He is my darling son Mustafa Sadiq, for whom it was destined to leave this world when he was preparing himself to start new life after graduating from Cairo University, in the field of Electric Engineering. And that was on the dawn of Thursday, first of the Month of Ramadan 1359 H., 3rd of October 1940, after remaining for three years suffering of sickness in Halwan Sanatorium, at the age of 22.

    Fate didn't spare me much time after him, when it targeted his mother, who lost one of her eyes out of weeping and lamenting him. Thus she also passed away, and I made for her a special tomb beside her dear son, so as to console each other. They departed and left me alone in a lasting sorrow and painful torment till Allah makes me join them.