Introduction to the Third Edition

I seek Allah’s guidance to present to readers this edition of my book, initiating it with a brief foreword stating in it the revision and addition I have made in the second edition of the book.

On determining to reprint this book for the third time, I saw it sagacious to reconsider the second edition. As soon as finishing its reading, I realized the necessity to give more exposition and explanation for some of its subjects that might be long or abridged according to requirement. Besides, I came across numerous places badly needing some rectification or revision, with some printing mistakes that were common in many words, due to the fact that this book was printed in Lebanon, far from us.

I am not going to elaborate or state all the procedures I have done for compiling this book and preparing it for the third edition since it is a futile protraction. But in general, I can say with full confidence, that I have exerted my best and much effort for rectifying whatever I came across in the second edition, with accuracy and consideration, till managing, with God’s help, to bring out this edition, in this complete and required form. In it I have introduced a brief abstract on biography of Abu Hurayrah, after omitting it from the second edition, dedicating for it a separate inclusive detailed book.

Being pleased and delighted in presenting this book to people, I sincerely implore Allah to make it of advantage, with the perfect scholars being more content with it. And all praise belongs to Allah, in the first and last, beseeching Him to grant us success and guidance all the time. He is verily Hearer and Responsive.