10. Prayer Of His Eminence, The Master Of The Time For Those Who Supplicate For His Early Reappearance

As this is the recompense for favor. And that which proves this is the statement of Maula Sahib az-Zaman (as) in his supplication recorded in the book ofMuhajjud Dawaat.

“And strengthen those who follow me for helping Your religion and consider them to be fighters on Your path and make them victorious over all those who desire bad for me and for them…”1

Without any doubt praying for His Eminence and for his early reappearance is a way of following and helping him as it is a kind of helping and supporting the faith and the Master of the Time by ones tongue and praying for His Eminence is a way of helping by the tongue.

That which proves this also is that which is mentioned under the exegesis of the verse:

وَإِذَا حُيِّيتُمْ بِتَحِيَّةٍ فَحَيُّوا بِأَحْسَنَ مِنْهَا أَوْ رُدُّوهَا

“And when you are greeted with a greeting, greet with a better (greeting) than it or return it.” (Qur’an, Surah Nisa 4:86)

That is:

“Salutation and other good deeds.”2

It is clear that it is the best kind of good deed. So if the believer sincerely prays for his master, his master would also pray sincerely for him and the Duaof His Eminence is the key to every good thing and a shield against every evil. That which proves and supports this claim is a tradition Qutub Rawandi has mentioned in Kharaij that:

Some people of Isfahan including Abul Abbas Ahmad bin an-Nasr and Abu Ja’far Muhammad bin Alawia have narrated that: A person named Abdur Rahman lived in Isfahan and he was a Shia. They asked him: Why do you believe in the Imamat of His Eminence, Ali an-Naqi (as)? He replied: I saw something that impelled be have such faith. I was a poor man but having the audacity to speak out. One year the people of Isfahan threw me out of the city. Along with others I went to the court of Mutawakkil to complain about it. While I was in the Mutawakkil’s court an order was issued from him for the arrest of Ali bin Muhammad bin ar-Reza (as). I asked a person there: “Who is this man whose arrest is ordered?” He replied: “He is an Alawite in whose Imamat the Rafidis believe.” Then he said: Thus I came to know that Mutawakkil has summoned him for execution.

I said to myself: I will not leave this place till I do not see this man that how he looks. He says: Then he arrived mounted on a horse and people stood in rows on both the sides watching him. The moment I saw him, affection for him appeared in my heart. Without conscious effort I began to pray that may Allah save him from Mutawakkil. He moved forward among the people with his eyes resting on the crest of the horse and he did not look either to the right or the left. I repeated the prayer inwardly. When he passed by my side, he glanced at me and said: “May the Almighty Allah accept your Dua, prolong your lifespan and give you a lot of children and wealth.”

Due to his awe I began to tremble and stood amidst my companions who asked: “What happened?” I replied: “It is good.” And I didn’t tell anyone about what has occurred. After this strange encounter I returned to Isfahan. The Almighty Allah by the bounty of his Dua opened up ways of income for me in such a way that today I am having thousands of Dinars only at home in addition to what I have outside. I got ten children and my age is more than seventy years. I am having faith in the Imamat of this person as he knew what I was thinking and the Almighty Allah accepted his Dua in my favor.3

I say: O sensible people, see how Imam Hadi (as) rewarded the man for his prayers and that when he came to know that he has prayed for him, he also prayed for him even though at that time he was not believer in his Imamate. So what do you think about His Eminence, the Master of the Time? Would he not pray for you if you pray for him, while you even have faith in his Imamat? No, by the One who is the creator of men and jinns, His Eminence indeed prays for the believers even if they are themselves neglectful because he is the Wali (guardian) of favor and whatever we have mentioned in Part Four under the Chapter of the Letter ‘D’ is sufficient as proof.

In support of what we have discussed here a righteous brother narrated to me that he saw His Eminence in the dream. His Eminence said to him:

“I pray for all those who pray after the narration of the calamities of the Chief of the martyrs in a gathering of Azadari.”

We beseech the Almighty Allah to give the Tawfeeq to perform deeds that enable the acceptance of our Dua.

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