41. The Prayer Of The Holy Prophet (S) Would Be There In His Favor

It is mentioned in Ihtijaaj that the Messenger of Allah (S) after the mention of the Purified Imams (as) raised up his hands in supplication and prayed:

“O my Lord, love those who love my caliphs and accept the Wilayat of the Imams of the Ummah after me. And be inimical to those who are inimical to them and help those who help them and disgrace those who want to cause disrespect to them…”1

Without any doubt, Dua for the Master of the Time (aj) is acceptance of his Wilayat and a kind of helping His Eminence and all the rightful Imams (as). Other matters derived from this point would also be mentioned in the coming pages, Insha Allah Taala.

  • 1. Ihtijaaj; Vol. 1, Pg. 88