53. Safe from the thirst of Judgment Day

Since he would be of those whom the Messenger of Allah (S) would give drinks. As mentioned in the tradition of the flag which will come to His Eminence in Qiyamat:

“After that a flag will come to me whose people would be having bright faces. I will ask them: Who are you? They will reply: We are monotheists from the Ummah of Muhammad Mustafa (S) and we are the remnants of the people of truth. We held to the Book of our Lord, and observed its commands and prohibitions, we loved the progeny of our Holy Prophet (S) and we helped them in every way possible; we fought the enemies in their service. Then I will say to them: Glad tidings to you, I am your Prophet Muhammad and indeed you were such as you say. Then I would give them water from my cistern and they shall be quenched and express joy and congratulate each other. Then they would enter Paradise and remain in it forever.”

I say: The point of evidence in this tradition is as we mentioned before, that Dua is a form of help and also there is another honor stated in this tradition – and it is that they shall remain in Paradise forever – this is also proved by it.