56. A special gift on the Judgment Day

In Usool Kafi through his own chain of narrators it is narrated from Mufaddal from His Eminence, Abu Abdillah Sadiq (as) that he said:

“Indeed, a believer presents a gift to his brother.” I asked: “What gift?” He replied: “Among them are giving him a place to sit, a pillow, food, clothes and greetings, then Paradise is the reward for him. And Allah, the Mighty and Sublime sent revelation to Paradise: I have prohibited your food for the people of the world, except the Prophet and the successor of the Prophet. And when it is the Judgment Day, the Almighty Allah reveals to Paradise: Reward my friends according to their gifts. At that time houries and youths would emerge from it carrying trays of pearl. Thus when they see the terrible condition of Hell and Paradise and whatever is there in it they would lose their senses and refuse to eat from those trays.

So a caller will announce from below the Arsh: Indeed, Allah, the Mighty and Sublime has prohibited Hell for anyone who has tasted the food of Paradise. At that moment they would stretch out their hands and eat from them.”1

I say: The point of evidence is that, the gift to a brother mentioned here implies doing him a favor in every way one can do a favor. It could also be by the tongue, by the method that Imam (as) has also given the example of greeting. On the basis of this it implies absolute favor and goodness.

Thus I say: There is no doubt that Dua for a believer is the most clear and highest type of favor, thus the reward that is mentioned in the above tradition for praying for an early reappearance of our master, the Master of the Time (aj) would be related to it. Rather it is of the most perfect and complete way of favoring as is very much clear.

  • 1. Kafi; Vol. 2, Pg. 207