63. The best people after the Imams (as)

Among the points concluded from the tradition quoted above in the previous topic, is that the supplicant for this important matter would be included among the best of the people. Because he would be of those who have remembered the matter of the Imams (as). Since the implication of remembrance is their matter, or talking about that which is related to them or their positions, from the aspect of keeping alive their memory and heritage without which religion cannot survive. And the matter concluded from this is that it is the best of the recommended deeds, especially during the period of occultation.

It should not remain unsaid that: The most obvious and best type of remembrance of Imams (as) is recalling the qualities and specialties of our hidden master (as) and the discussion of the sciences and contributions of His Eminence that shall be a source of perception of wise people. We should know that the three awards we mentioned would be obtained by the believer if he is in the gathering of believers and such a distinction is not available anywhere else. Among those specialties are revival of the affair and exalting the word of Imams (as), publicizing their rights and recognition and cooperation of the believers in helping them, and praying for their early reappearance.