66. Source of happiness of the Holy Prophet (S)

That which proves this – in addition to what is mentioned before – is the statement of Imam Ja’far Sadiq (as) to Mufaddal bin Umar that:

“So when one of you makes a believer happy he does not make only that believer happy, rather by Allah, he makes me happy, rather by Allah he makes the Messenger of Allah (S) happy.”1

Also the statement of His Eminence to Abu Baseer mentioned in Usool Kafi supports this point:

“By Allah, indeed the Messenger of Allah (S) is more pleased by the fulfillment of the need of a believer than the believer himself is.”2

I say: The point of evidence is that need is something that a man fulfills through either conveying some benefit or removing some harm and in the beginning of this part we stated that our master, the Master of the Time (aj) announced to all the people in general for all the times that as much as they can, they should do it, that is”…And pray more for the early reappearance…” after that he mentioned his ultimate favor and blessing that “for therein lies your success” so that he may prove that in this demand from the people there is good for themselves.

The conclusion is that: Whatever is related to fulfillment of the need of a believer – from the different types of rewards, precious effects – they shall all first, by the rule of preference, be available for one who prays for an early reappearance of our master, the Master of the Time (aj).

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