70. A Kind Companion in Barzakh and Qiyamat

These two honors are proved by the tradition mentioned in Usool Kafi through authentic chain of narrators from Sudair Sairafee that he said:

His Eminence, Abu Abdillah Sadiq (as) said in a lengthy tradition: “When the Almighty Allah will raise the believer from his grave, a figure will emerge with him, who will walk ahead of him, so that whenever the believer sees a terrible scene of Qiyamat it will say to him: Do not fear and aggrieve, glad tidings to you for the joy and rewards of Allah, the Mighty and Sublime.

Till he reaches the presence of Allah, the Mighty and Sublime. He would take his account easily and send him to Paradise. While that figure would be walking ahead of the believer, the believer will ask: May Allah have mercy on you, how nice you were to accompany me from the time I was raised from the grave and to console and congratulate me time and again for the rewards and joys I was supposed to get till I actually reached them. But who are you? It will reply: I am that same happiness and joy that you gave to your believer brother in the world. Allah, the Mighty and Sublime created me from that happiness so that I may congratulate you.”1

I say: The point concluded from this is, as we have mentioned time and again, that without any doubt, our master, the Master of the Time (aj) and his venerable forefathers (as) are pleased as a result of the Dua of the believer for his early reappearance. On the basis of this, all aspects applicable to making a believer happy are present in this Dua also. In the same way all matters that cause pleasure and happiness of His Eminence. In the thirty-fifth benefit we had mentioned another tradition that conveys the same meaning.

  • 1. Kafi; Vol. 2, Pg. 190