71. The best deeds

Since this act is cause of happiness of the best of the people of faith, and making believers happy it is – after Prayer (Salaat) – the best of the deeds. That which proves this is a tradition in the tenth volume of Biharul Anwar quoted from the book of Manaqib that His Eminence, Husain bin Ali (as) said:

I know it certainly that my grandfather the Holy Prophet (S) said: “The best deed after Prayer is conveying happiness to a believer provided there is no sin involved in it.” As I saw a slave who was eating food with a dog. I asked him about it and he replied: O son of the Messenger of Allah (S) I am sad and by making this dog happy, I am getting pleasure. Because by master is a Jew and I want to leave him. So Husain (as) went to his master taking an amount of 200 dinars as the cost of that slave. The Jew said: “The slave is at your service. And this orchard is for him and I give the money back to you.”

Imam (as) said: “I also grant the money to you.” He accepted the money gave the slave to him. Imam Husain (as) said: “I have freed the slave and given all this to him.” At that moment his wife said: “I have become a Muslim and surrendered my dower to him.” The Jew said: “I have also become a Muslim and given this house to my wife.”1

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