82. Reward of being martyred under the flag of His Eminence, Qaim (aj)

That which proves the above honor is a tradition mentioned in Majmaul Bayan from Harith bin al-Mughaira that he said:

I was in the company of His Eminence, Abu Ja’far Baqir (as) when he said: “Those of you who recognize this matter and await for considering it nice, are, by Allah, like those who have performed armed Jihad alongside the Qaim of Aale Muhammad (S).” Then he said: “Rather, by Allah, their simile is of those who performed armed Jihad alongside the Messenger of Allah (S).” And he said the third time: “Rather, by Allah, they are like those who are martyred in the camp of the Messenger of Allah (S).”1

I say: The point of evidence concluded from this is that the supplicant for early reappearance of the Master of the Time (aj) fits all the above qualifications since the effects of awaiting are seen in prayers of early reappearance through the tongue.

In Tafseer Burhan it is narrated from Hasan bin Abi Hamza from his father Abu Hamza that he said:

I asked His Eminence, Abu Abdillah Sadiq (as): “May I be sacrificed on you, I have become aged and my bones have become weak, and death has come closer, and I fear that I would die before this matter, that is the formation of your government.” Imam said: “O Abu Hamza, one who has faith in us and testifies to our traditions and sits waiting for us, is like one that is martyred under the flag of Qaim (aj). Rather, by Allah, under the flag of the Messenger of Allah (S).”2

I say: It is clear that one who with a pure intention prays for early reappearance of his master, and wishes for his help against his enemies, fits the description of the matter stated above and he would become eligible for this benefit.

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