83. Reward of doing a favor to our master, the Master of the Time (aj)

This matter could be explained from some aspects:

First: Dua – as we explained about it – is a form of paying respect and honor to people, and it is a kind of favor and goodness, as is very much clear.

Second: It is that praying for advancement in the reappearance and deliverance is having effect and role as mentioned in the traditions regarding this matter and which we explained in detail. And arranging for all that is greatly effective in this matter, is doing favor to our master who is apprehensive, hidden and awaited.

Third: It is that obedience of the command of His Eminence and compliance with regard to the master, in whichever way it might be, is a favor upon him.

Rather we can say that: Dua for His Eminence is a favor on the seal of the prophets and the Purified Imams (as) and all the prophets and messengers and all the believers. Because reappearance of His Eminence is in fact deliverance of all the saints of Allah. As Imam Ja’far Sadiq (as) has mentioned in his Duaafter Noon Prayer and on the first of the month of Ramadan. Thus praying for it is the most obvious type of favoring.