86. Inclusion in the party of the Imams (as)

Since praying for our master, the Master of the Time (aj) is a type of helping His Eminence with the tongue, this effect is also related to it. Thus it is mentioned in the blessed saying of the Holy Prophet (S) that Imam Husain (as) reiterated on the eve of Aashura:

“My grandfather informed me that: My son, Husain would be slain in Taff Kerbala, homeless, alone and thirsty. Thus one who helps him, has helped me and has helped his son, Qaim. And one who helps us verbally, shall be with us in our party on the Judgment Day.”1

  • 1. Maali as-Sibtain quoting from Irshaad al-Quloob from the book Noorul Ain