87. Elevation of ranks in Paradise

That which proves this is a traditional report mentioned in Tafseer of Imam Hasan Askari (as) in a lengthy tradition of the Holy Prophet (S) that he said:

“If you want Muhammad and Ali to elevate your status with the Almighty Allah you must have regard for our Shias and followers and you must try to fulfill the needs of the believers. Because when Allah, the Mighty and the High admits the group of you, our Shias and followers, His caller will announce in Paradise: O my servants, enter Paradise in peace. Then they would divide them according to their love for the Shias of Muhammad and Ali and their fulfillment of the rights of brothers in faith. Thus as much one had love for the Shias and who fulfilled their rights, their stations in Paradise will be as much elevated so that there would be some of them living in palaces and gardens at a distance equal to that traveled in 500 years.”1

I say: We mentioned previously that Dua for our master, the Master of the Time (aj) is fulfillment of many important rights of His Eminence upon us. In addition to it, with regard to fulfilling the needs it is also mentioned in his holy Tawqee that: “Pray more for early reappearance as in it lies your deliverance…” and also praying more in this regard would be a source of increase in love for His Eminence because the improvement of the circumstances of the Shias is connected to the reappearance of His Eminence as mentioned again and again in this book.

  • 1. Tafseer Imam Askari, Pg. 155