The Letter Ba (B)

Bakhshish (Generosity) Of His Eminence

In Biharul Anwar it is narrated from His Eminence, Abu Ja’far Baqir (as) regarding the qualities of Hazrat Qaim (aj) that:

“All wealth from the exterior and the interior of the earth shall be gathered for him and he will tell the people: Come here, it was because of this that you severed relations, shed unlawful blood and indulged in unlawful deeds. Then he will bestow to them in such a measure as none before him has ever done.”1

Under the topic of the generosity of His Eminence we shall again mention some more traditions.

2. Establishing The Proof And Guidance

Among the blessings of the holy existence of His Eminence is the establishment of proof for them so that they may be guided aright and that their conditions may be reformed. In an epistle (Tawqee) quoted in Ihtijaaj it is mentioned:

“As for the future events refer to the narrators of our traditions, indeed they are my proof on you and I am the proof of Allah.”2

3. Tribulations Of His Eminence (Trials And Afflictions)

Shaykh Sadooq from his own chain of reporters from His Eminence the chief of those who prostrate, Ali bin al-Husain (as) has stated:

“Seven traits of the prophets are present in Hazrat Qaim…(till be said), …as from Ayyub, success and prosperity after tribulation.”3

4. Blessings Of His Eminence

We said in Part Three that all the apparent and hidden bounties that reach the people during the time of His Eminence are due to his blessings, salutation and blessings of Allah be upon him. There are such a large number of traditions regarding this, that they exceed the level of Tawatur (narrated widely). From the same aspect is the Epistle (Tawqee) related in the book of Ihtijaaj which says:

“As for receiving benefits from me during the occultation, it is like receiving benefit from the Sun which is hidden behind the cloud (and thus cannot be seen).”4

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