The Letter S’aad (S’)

1. S’abr Of His Eminence

In the tradition of the Lauh (tablet) mentioned in Kamaluddin and other books through different channels it is narrated in the qualities of His Eminence, Qaim (aj) that:

“He possesses the perfection of Moosa, the elegance of Isa and the patience of Ayyub.”1

We have already mentioned sayings connected to this matter under the topic of calamities of His Eminence. Moreover, how beautifully it is said:

“The grief that I suffer is such that Yaqoob did not have to experience even a little bit of it, and all the calamities of Ayyub are but a part of the troubles that afflict me.”

It is so because all the types of calamities will come together for His Eminence and they would be prolonged thus causing the intensification of the tribulation and sufferings. Think over it and the reality of the matter will become clear to you. Thus it is necessary that you pray for His Eminence with all sincerity and invoke the Almighty for his reappearance.

  • 1. Kamaluddin; Vol. 1, Pg. 310