The Letter T’a (T’)

1. T’ahaarat (Purification) Of The Earth From Injustice Through His Eminence

In Kamaluddin it is narrated from Imam Ja’far Sadiq (as) that he said:

“Allah, Blessed and the High, created fourteen lights 4000 years before the creation of the universe, thus they were our souls. It was asked: O, son of Allah’s Messenger, who are these fourteen lights? He replied, ‘Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hasan, Husain, and Imams from the descendants of Husain and the last of them is Qaim who will rise up after occultation. Then he would kill the Dajjal and purify the earth from every type of injustice and oppression.’”1

2. T’alab-E-Huqooq (Recovery Of The Rights) Of The Imams And Believers And T’alab-E-Khoon (Revenging Their Blood)

In Biharul Anwar it is related from Amirul Momineen (as) that he said:

“By Allah, indeed I and these two sons of mine will be martyred, and indeed the Almighty Allah will raise up a man from my descendants in the last period of time in order to revenge our blood, he will disappear from the sight of the people to keep away from the people of deviation and the misguided souls till the ignorant people will say: Providence is not needful of the Progeny of Muhammad (as).”2

I say: In letter ‘A’ matter pertaining to this topic has already been presented to some extent and in the coming pages some more points will be provided, if Allah, the High wills.

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