The Letter Yaa (Y)

1. Yad (Bounty) Of His Eminence Upon Us

The usage of the word ‘Yad’ which actually means hand, to imply favor is very common in the Arabic language. For example a poem says:

And I don’t remember the favors except in a good way, for he is for me a hand (favor) and a blessing.

The word ‘Yadeey’ that rhymes with ‘Ameer’ is the plural of ‘Yad’ like ‘Abeed’ is the plural of ‘Abd’. As Shaykh Tabarsi has mentioned in Majmaul Bayan.1

As all blessings that reach us are due to the bounty of the being of Maula Sahib az-Zaman (as) it is incumbent on us to fulfill the thanks of that bounty of the being of His Eminence by praying for him etc. Because thanking the medium is like thanking the real master. This matter is clearly explained in the traditions – like we mentioned in Part Three and in the chapter of the Letter ‘N’. We shall again present further points and give more details in Part Five, if Allah wills.

Here it would be apt to quote a tradition that is recorded in Biharul Anwar and Kharaij etc:

It is narrated from Abu Ja’far (as) that he said: “When our Qaim arises he would put his hand over the heads of the people, by which their intellects would be brought together and their manners would be perfected.”2

One of the scholars – may Allah have mercy on him – has said: ‘Hand’ implies this real hand, which in a miraculous way would be put on the heads of all the people.

I say: Most probably ‘hand’ may also imply power and authority that could be explained as follows: When His Eminence arises he would have authority on all the people, and the rule of His Eminence would cover all the world and through this, he would be able to gather the intellects and perfect the morals. Because he would destroy the transgressors, the sinners, the infidels and the apostates.

2. Yumn (Auspiciousness) Of His Eminence

The felicity of the being of the Imam of the Age (aj) could be known from whatever we have mentioned in this book.

It is better that we conclude this Part with some couplets that I have composed. Even though His Eminence is beyond our praise and higher than our similes, I present the following tribute of words in hope of getting the intercession of His Eminence so that my world and the hereafter is made good:

1. My sorrow has flared up and my heart is full of pain

In the separation of one who has personified the beauty of the world.

2. He is the best by genealogy and the Sun of guidance by right.

And the loftiest of the creatures from the aspect of companions and followers.

3. That the intellects fail to grasp his real status and the mind is unable to describe his majesty as it deserves.

4. By his felicity the mountains remain in their place.

If his occultation hadn’t been there I would have seen them disintegrating.

5. The Sun and the Moon glow by his effulgence.

And by his grace the dead hearts and the dead earth is revived.

6. If his blessings were not present, people would not get their sustenance.

And the earth would not have survived for a moment.

7. His appearance is like that of the Holy Prophet (S).

And there are clear verses about him in the Holy Qur’an.

8. Knowledge and morals have perfected in his being.

They are entrenched in his character from the time he was born.

9. The Almighty Allah has given glad tidings about him to the folks of the heavens

When Imam Husain (as) was martyred and he entered God’s realm.

10. He said: My hand would inevitably take revenge from them through Qaim (aj)

On behalf of the oppressed I would indeed take revenge from the oppressors and those who make war.

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