The Fateful Moment

Suddenly, the light appeared and dawn rose to override darkness and fill the earth with knowledge and enlighten the path and enjoin the truth and forbid the evil. But how did it come and from where? It came from where no one expected and this also is the tradition of Allah (SWT)!

Who would've expected that Moses, the fugitive and the chased one would become the prophet and deliverer chosen by Allah (SWT) to liberate the sons of Israel? And who would've expected that Taloot would become the awaited king to defeat the giants? And who would've expected that David (the poor young man) would kill Golaith, the great giant king?

This time, Allah (SWT) chose His sincere, truthful believer and servant, Muhammad, who carries an intact heart, who was worshipping Him inside this cave in the heart of the mountain, in the middle of the night!

He (SWT) chose him to become the awaited prophet and messenger who will lead all of humanity out darkness of ignorance to the light of guidance, and who will demolish the foundations of polytheism, disbelief, injustice, arrogance, corruption, and hypocrisy. Muhammad was chosen to become the deliverer of the final divine Message from the Great Creator to all people in every time and place, such that no prophet or messenger will come after him till the Day of Judgment!

There are no more prophets to await. The only event left to anticipate is the reappearance of the Self-Guided (Al Mahdi) Imam from the descendent of the holy household of Muhammad (Peace be upon him), to act as the proof of Allah (SWT) and the sustainer of His religion. By the will of Allah (SWT), he will establish justice and fairness on earth, and will revive and revitalize the message of his grandfather, the Seal of Prophets and Messengers.

Allah (SWT) has chosen Muhammad (Peace be upon him) for His Message from the entire minority of believers who were scattered here and there. Now we understand why! Allah (SWT) chooses and selects whomever He (SWT) wants and does as He (SWT) pleases! Without a doubt, it is the special and unique relationship between Muhammad and his Lord which we previously discussed!

Allah (SWT) wills, by His Grace and Mercy that on this fateful moment, the doors of heavens open suddenly, and the angels led by the trustable Gabriel descend for the first time since the elevation of Prophet Jesus (AS)…while Muhammad is engaged in the worship and supplication to his Lord.

He is about to receive the great honor that Allah (SWT) is about to bestow him by choosing and selecting him over all mankind to become his Seal of Prophets and Messengers! He is yet to officially receive the huge responsibility and great message which is about to fall on his shoulders. He is yet to embrace the great honor which await him and which he's about to experience in Cave Hiraa’ on the night of the 27th of Rajab!

May the peace, prayers, and blessing of Allah (SWT) be upon Muhammad, His Noble Messenger and the Seal of the Prophets and his blessed and purified holy household!