Translator’s Introduction

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful the Compassionate

It is unanimously agreed by all Muslim scholars, researchers, and historians that the noble character of Prophet Muhammad who is the Seal of Messengers, has no like or similarity as he possesses many positive exceptional human attributes compared to all of mankind. His lofty position as the chosen one by God (Al-Mustafa) and the most beloved to Him (Habeebullah) did not arise from nothing. His status as the best of creation in Allah’s eyes speaks volumes and no words can ever do justice to explain the superior position which he enjoys.

Many authors have written books and articles in praise of the Holy Prophet due to his multitude of good attributes such as noble manners, demeanor, wisdom, clemency, and wisdom that manifested itself more clearly after the Revelation. However, not many scholars or historians shed the spotlight on the time period BEFORE the official Revelation came to Prophet Muhammad (SA) on the night of the 27th of Rajab when he was 40 years old.

In light of the nature of the Arab community which existed during his time, we ask ourselves: How did a person like Muhammad with his light of guidance, exceptional wisdom, and dignified manners, rise from such a backward and petrified society? How did a person like Muhammad with his burning desire to seek His God, exist within a society that was born and built on idol-worshipping?

How did a person like Muhammad abandon the pleasures of this world to regularly climb the mountain to Cave Hiraa’ in the darkness of night where the scorpions and beasts inhabit, only to isolate himself in pursuit of a secret relationship with his beloved Lord, at a time when the Arabs were busy playing games, trading, fighting with each other and engaging in nonsense activities?

In consideration of all the challenges that existed in the community during his time, we can better recognize the true value of the Holy Prophet who was selected by Allah (SWT) from among all humans, just like a golden needle is picked from a large haystack! This article highlights the fact that Prophet Muhammad (SA) was divinely selected for a well-deserved reason and not randomly!

In fact, it is very important for us as Muslims to understand that the Holy Prophet was chosen by God to become the Seal of Prophets due to his exceptional performance and longing to God long before the Revelation took place! In his 40 years of life before the revelation, Muhammad proved that he was a complete embodiment of a perfect human model which Allah (SWT) approved as the template for Islam.

History records that his people used to call him as the Sadeq Al Ameen (the honest and trustworthy one) in honor of his amazing noble manners. And when the tribes of Quraish wanted to resolve the conflict of who would have the honor of placing the Black Stone on the Holy Ka’ba, they chose none other than Muhammad (SA) to judge between them with his wisdom and knowledge. Sure enough, at a time when he still did not assume his role of Prophethood, the solution which the Messenger (SA) suggested appeased everyone and prevented bloodshed from taking place.

Muhammad’s way of life before Islam was in reality nothing but absolute submission and surrender to his God! His mind was always thinking and reflecting about his Lord and he found solace and tranquility in none other than his beloved Allah (SWT)! His infallibility was well-established before his prophethood and was further confirmed when he assumed his role as Seal of Messengers. May Allah (SWT) send His eternal peace and blessings on Prophet Muhammad and His purified Household!