The man at the door was a stranger, and a traveller, from a far away place. He asked to be received by the young host. He invited him in.

As they were busy with their conversations, the young man would ask permission to be excused for a while. He would disappear for a moment or two and would return to attend to the guest. It happened many times.

The guest asked of his excuse for these frequent disappearances. The young man informed him that he had an old, fragile mother in the next room, to him he needs to attend frequently. The guest requested that he be allowed to visit the old woman. Request was granted.

An old, weak and helpless woman was in bed. No sign of strength anywhere in her being. The only thing that was moving was her mouth, without any words coming out of it. The guest said to the young man that the mother had something to say. The young man nodded.

The quest inquired what it was that she was asking. The young man said, 'from a young age, she has always prayed for me, whenever I would do something for her, that is what she is doing now.' The guest asked what would she pray like. “May Allah make your abode the neighborhood of His messengers”.

The guest beamed with a smile. “Tell her that her prayer has been granted. I am Prophet Moses. I inquired from Allah about my neighbor in the heaven. He gave me your address. I asked of him how this person gains neighborhood of the prophets. He told me to come see it for myself.”

Contributed by Mahwash Hirmendi, An excerpt from When Faith Reigns.