2. The Divine Sun

He is the sun, presently concealed behind the clouds. That is, we have relegated him behind the clouds... But the sun continues to shine and will continue to do so. Its brilliant rays rip apart the dense veils of the clouds, spreading throughout the universe. Have we ever reflected on it?

But for the light and warmth of the sun, pitch darkness would have enveloped the earth.

He is the sun, the sun of the entire universe. The sun of the solar system is a mere shadow of his resplendence.

The day of the earth’s residents begins with the rising of the sun, even if it is hidden behind the clouds. Similarly, can the day of a spiritual and holy life commence without the illuminating rays of Allah’s proof? Is it possible that one breathes in the world of spirituality, and is needless of Allah’s representative..? No, it’s impossible1.

  • 1. (This part has been extracted from the interpretation of Allamah Majlis (r.a.) vis-à-vis the tradition, “Sun behind the clouds,” Behaar al-Anwaar, vol. 52, p. 93, 94)