A detailed story of the life of Muhammad Shams Al-Din, known as Al-Shahid Al-Awwal Faqih Al-Sarbidaran

During these difficult times of war and tragedies the truth is often very hard to be unearthed. Should we really look at the Western world as our golden goal? Is it the solution to resolve the problems plaguing the Islamic countries? Or is the answer found in our own history and with our own high respected personalities?

"Meeting the Pious" series is a practical attempt to return to our genuine identity, through introducing the biographies of the beacons of Islamic thought, those stars whose scientific horizons may inundate the leaders of other ideological dogmas and creeds, and other well-known thinkers.

One of the most sensitive facts that disturbs the West and robs its sleep, is the serious return of the Islamic nation (Ummah) to its real identity, to its leading figures ... to those who managed in paving the hard way of Islam through their concerted efforts and honest contribution.