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Online trading is like face to face trading. It is allowed if the material is allowed and vice versa. Stock market trading depends on the activities of the company of the shares. If the company deals with non Halal ( forbidden) business like interest, alcohol, etc, then buying or dealing with shares of such company is not allowed. If the company deals with permissible activities, then dealing with its shares will be permissible.


Financial security is one of the most important concerns of human beings every where and every time. Theft is a real danger which endangers human beings wealth and property. Human societies over the history till now, tried many ways to tackle and counter theft and robbery but no real success was achieved. Till today millions of innocent people suffer from those who steal their money in different ways. Those who steal do that because they do not fear real punishment, hence they steal whenever they find a chance.

Islam deals with this burning issue with inner treatment as well as outer action.

1. Inner treatment: is to warn that theft is a major sin and it leads the thief to hellfire. This will make good Muslims away from this sinful act.

2. Outer action: Those who do not care for religious teaching and insist on committing theft, must be punished in public to show them and others the miserable results of this crime and to protect people from similar crimes. 

Cutting the hand of the thief has conditions which insure that he deserves this type of punishment for the security of the people and society. Thief who was instigated by hunger is excluded from such punishment.

Cutting the hand of the thief (with all the conditions) does not mean cutting more than the fingers of one hand only. He will still be able to work and earn in lawful way.

Allah , The Most Merciful, Has ordained this punishment on the dangerous thief to provide the people financial security. It is a fact hat no other punishment could work all over the history to stop theft crime like this punishment. Where ever this punishment was applied in proper way with all its conditions, people enjoyed security on their wealth and property. Theft crime rates dropped to near zero in Muslim societies after proper implementation of the rules of Allah (SWT) which provide peace and justice to all and prevent evil doers to violate he rights of others.


After all, we believe that the Mercy and Wisdom of Allah is the best in all situations and for all human beings. Punishing one thief who deserves punishment is the real justice because it provides security to millions and saves their basic rights on their wealth and property.

Those millions of victims who suffer from theft, they suffer because of the failure of the non Muslim legal system to stop or counter the crime, and they  pay for that failure of the system to  protect them. Quran is very clear that proper life will be achieved by applying proper punishment, which means that with out applying the proper punishments, there will be no real life of security, peace and justice. 



Thank you for your question. This punishment is after a number of stages which allow for the person to reform their ways and after which they would be aware that another instance of theft would result in such a consequence.

May you always be successful

First of all we need to understand the real meaning of Sharia law, away from the claimed Sharia of the terrorist groups, and away from the Western media propaganda which gave people an impression that Sharia Law is mainly cutting hands of the thieves and killing the fornicators.

Real Sharia Law is the full comprehensive law which makes human life based on justice and equality to achieve peace and tranquility for individuals and societies.

Real teachings of Islam taken from the Prophet (SAWA) and his Progeny (Ahlul Bayt )(AS) are the most progressive, but unfortunately, most people look at Islam today through Western media propaganda which is misleading as well through the crimes of so-called Jihadi groups who want to hijack Islam.

Those who really want a progressive society need to read and understand the real teachings of Islam which came through Ahlul Bayt (AS). Let them read Nahjul Balagha and the statements of Imam Al- Sajjad on the Human Rights as examples. The United Nations has issued a statement on 2002 advising the leaders of Muslim world to follow the teachings of Imam Ali (AS) to Maalik Al-Ashtar.