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It is stated in the Hadeeths that husband and wife who enter Paradise will be completely transformed in Paradise and will be be the best for one another. All negative points will be removed away and every thing they wish in the other will be granted. The wife will be more beautiful in her husband's eyes than the Hoor, and the husband will be the best man in his wife's eyes.

It is good to pray to Allah (SWT) to grant you the best with out suggesting on Him. Allah knows the best and He grants the best to His sincere servants.


Allah (SWT) Has the All and Absolute Knowledge and Wisdom, while we have very little knowledge if we have any. He knows the wisdom of creating whatever He created from the nucleus and atom to the galaxies. No doubt , there is a great wisdom which is known to Him, but not to us as our knowledge is very limited. We are in this universe like a small kid who sees huge library with thousands of books and wonders why these books were written.


The general understanding of this verse is that things are generally created in pairs (for instance, positive and negative, matter and antimatter, light and dark, or male and female), and that one of the signs of Allah is that human beings marry and form a pair in order to become more whole than they would be individually.

However, it is not usually taken to mean that all human beings are specifically created with a soulmate or "pair" whom they marry in this world. Indeed, some people have more than one happy marriage in their lifetimes; others are miserable in their marriages!

Marriage can be destined and can be a matter of free choice; matters of destiny are not usually clear. Some people misuse the idea of destiny and marriage to cover up socially unjust practices (for instance, not allowing their children to marry someone of a certain race, culture, family, or profession) and then saying these restrictions are "destiny". At the same time, it does seem that sometimes some people are destined to be together or destined not to be together. 

However if you are happy with your husband, I hope you will be able to be together in the Hereafter!

Yes it is true that the Holy Prophet (SAWA) never encourages anyone to
abandon the Hereafter for this world nor this world for the Hereafter.
In the narrations one of the pious companions Usman ibn Madh’oon عثمان بن مظعون who was one of the earliest Muslims (13th or 14th) and who suffered a lot
from the enemies of the Muslims in Makkah and who had migrated to
Abyssinia twice, first with the Muslims of Madinah were who led by him
and the second time he migrated to Abyssinia with a group of Muslims
led by Ja’far ibn Abi Talib.

Usman ibn Madh’oon participated in the Muslim army in the battle of
Badr. He was spending his days in fasting and the nights in
worshipping. He sought permission from the Holy Prophet (SAWA) to
abandon this world and remain in worshipping Allah (SWT) only. The
Holy Prophet (SAWA) did not allow this and told him : “No, I was not
sent to abandon this world for the Hereafter nor to abandon the
Hereafter for sake of this world”. The Hadeeth says : “Do for your
worldly life as if you will remain in the world forever and do for
your Hereafter as if you are leaving this world tomorrow. (Mustadrak
al-Wasaa’il vol. 13 pg. 58 and Bihar al-Anwar vol. 44 pg. 139). Even
in the Holy Qu’ran in Surah al-Qasas verse 77, Allah (SWT) says :
“Seek with what Allah (SWT) has bestowed on you the Hereafter and
don’t forget your lawful portion from this world”.