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No. We don't have any authentic narration in this meaning. This narration is fabricated for political reasons and has no value in the eyes of scholars who researched the chain of the narrators. It is narrated from Abdul Azeez ibn Muhammad al-Azdi  who is unknown narrator even among Sunni scholars. (Lisaan al-Meezan 2:32).

Muhammad son of Abu Bakr was a pious follower of Ahlul Bayt (AS).


This question deals with one of the issues which were fabricated to adjust a political agenda to justify the conspiracy of Saqeefah which was a big blunder immediately after the demise of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA). Even Omar ibn al-Khattab who was the partner of Abu Bakr in Saqeefah called the allegiance to Abu Bakr as a dangerous blunder from its evil Allah Has protected the Muslims, and any one tries to do like it must be killed. ( Saheeh al- Bukhari , Hadeeth 6830, and Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal; 7:431 Hadeeth 37031 and 37032).

It is a well known fact that Imam Ali (AS) rejected the outcome of Saqeefah and refused to give allegiance to Abu Bakr. ( Saheeh al-Bukhari and Saheeh Muslim). Some narrations in Sunni books claim that imam Ali (AS) has given allegiance to Abu Bakr after six months. Such narrations are fabricated politically oriented. Imam Ali (AS) has never given allegiance to Abu Bakr despite the tremendous pressure and threatening which he faced from the group of Saqeefah which reached to burning the house on him and his wife Fatimah and all his family if he refuses to give allegiance to Abu Bakr. ( Musannaf ibn Abi Shaibah;Hadeeth 36383, and Tareekh al-Tabari;V.2, P. 443, and Ansaari al-Ashraf by al-Balathuri; V.1, P.586 and al-Soyooti in Musnad Fatimah, page 36, and Ibn Qutaiba al-Dinori in Al-Imamah wal Siyaasah , V.1, P.19.and many other Sunni books.

Al-Shaikh al-Mufeed refuted the claim of the opponents that Imam Ali (AS) gave allegiance to Abu Bakr saying: The refusal of Imam Ali to give allegiance to Abu Bakr is undisputed fact among all the scholars, while the claim that he gave allegiance is disputed. His refusal was based on his responsibility to refuse wrong, and this responsibility remained with him always and there is no evidence that wrong has turned to be right. Al-Shaikh Al-Mufeed and our authentic great Ulama has stated that Imam Ali has never given allegiance to Abu Bakr. Obviously, the real leader of all the Faithful can never be a follower of Saqeefah imposed rulers.

Well known Sunni scholar Al-Dhahabi has stated : Ali did not attend any Friday prayer nor congregational prayer with any of the three Caliphs. ( Siyar A'laam al-Nubalaa' 9: 284).


The narrations claiming that the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) instructed Abu Bakr to lead the prayers during his last sickness is not authentic at all. The main narrator is just one person who is Ayisha the daughter of Abu Bakr. Another narrator is 'O'rwah Ibn al-Zubair ,the sin of Asmaa' who is Ayisha's real sister. 'O'rwah was not even born in the time of incident, beside his own benefit to support his the claim of his aunt for political reasons. 'O'rwah fought against Imam Ali in the battle of Jamal (The Camel). He was a staunch enemy of Imam Ali (AS) till the end of his life.

Lot of people were present near the Prophet during his last sickness, but none of them narrated such incident. The Masjid was full of Muslims, but none of them narrated that the Prophet sent Abu Bakr to lead the prayers. On the contrary, authentic narrations stated that Ayisha while the Prophet was not well, told her father to go to the Masjid to lead the prayers with out informing the Prophet. When the Prophet was cane to know, he tolerated his heavy illness and went to the Masjid and dragged Abu Bakr back and led the prayers. If Abu Bakr was  really sent by the Prophet to lead the prayer, then why did the Prophet drag him back and prevent him from leading the prayers.

Even if Abu Bakr was told to lead the prayers, which never happened, leading the prayers can never be an evidence to be a successor of the Prophet as it is a clear fact that the Prophet used to order a man (Ibn Abi Maktoom) to lead the prayers in his Masjid when he away from Madinah. Can any one claim that that man is the successor after the Prophet?

This fabricated story aims to justify ignoring the clear orders and obvious allegiance which was taken from Muslims in the Day of Ghadeer to follow Ali (AS) after the Prophet (SAWA).


as salam alaikum

mere single reports from Musnad Ahmad cannot be validated according to Shia view. Also, according to the most accurate opinion any single report (khabar al-wahid) with no external evidences cannot be used to establish doctrinal principles or historical facts. 

With prayers for your success.