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The Master of Martyrs

The polytheists withdrew from the battlefield. Our Master Muhammad [s] and his companions came down the mountain to bury the martyrs.

The Prophet [s] asked his companions about the place of al-Hamza.

Al-Harith said:

I know his place.

Our Master Muhammad [s] asked al-Harith to show him al-Hamza's body.

The man went about looking for him. He found his body torn. So, he hated to tell the Prophet [s] about it.

Our Master Muhammad [s] ordered Ali to look for al-Hamza's body. He found him. He did not tell the Prophet because he did not want to hurt him.

So, our Master Muhammad [s] himself went to look for him. He found him in a sorrowful condition.

Our Master Muhammad [s] wept very much when he saw what they had done to al-Hamza's body.

The wolves did not do what Hind and Abu Sufyan did.

Our Master Muhammad [s] was very angry. So, he said:

Uncle, may Allah have mercy upon you. You had done good deeds and maintained close relations with your relatives!

If Allah grants me a victory, I'll maim seventy persons of the Quraish.

The Muslims swore by Allah to do that. So, Jibreel came down and read this verse:

And if you take your turn, then retaliate with the like of that which you were afflicted; but if you are patient it will certainly be best for those who are patient.

So Allah's Apostle forgave them. He was patient. And he prevented the Muslims from maiming.

Our Master Muhammad [s] took off his gown and covered the martyr and said to him:

Uncle, The Lion of Allah, the Lion of His Apostle, doer of good deeds, remover of worries, defender of Allah's Apostle, and saver of his face.

Safiyah, al-Hamza's sister and our Master Muhammad's aunt, went with Fatima aI-Zahra to make sure of the Prophet's safety.

Ali bin Abi Talib [s] came across Safiyah and said to her:

Aunt, come back!

He did not want her to see her brother in that condition. But she said:

I won't came back till I see Allah's Apostle.

In the distance, the Prophet [s] saw her. So, he ordered her son al-Zubair not to allow her to see her martyred brother.

Al-Zubair received her and said:

Mother, come back.

She said:

Till I see Allah's Apostle.

When she saw our Master Muhammad [s] and made sure of his safety, she asked him about al-Hamza:

Where's my brother?

The Prophet [s] kept silent. So, Safiyah knew that her brother became a martyr. So, she and Fatima al-Zahra wept over their martyred brother and uncle.

So, our Master Muhammad [s] condoled them:

Be cheerful! Jibreel told me that Hamza has been regarded as the Lion of Allah and the Lion of His Apostle in the Heavens!

Uhud Mount stands as evidence for al-Hamza's bravery, the Master of the Martyrs, and the polytheists' savageness.