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Left side view of the shrine of Imam Husayn [a]

Right side view of the shrine of Imam Husayn [a]

Wide angle view showing the outer boundary that surrounds the shrine of Imam Husayn [a]

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Golden minaret and dome on the shrine of Imam Husayn [a]

Shrine of Abbas [a], standard-bearer and brother of Imam Husayn [a]

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Shrine of Abbas b. Ali [a], brother of Imam Husayn [a]

A drawing of the shrine of Abbas ibn Ali, peace be upon him

Artist's impression of Imam Husayn's [a] horse - Zuljana - returning to the camp after his master's martyrdom

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Masjid Hanana - Kufa. This is the mosque whose pillars bowed in respect to Imam Ali's [a] body when he was being taken for burial by Imam Hasan [a] and Imam Husayn [a]. Some of Imam Husayn's [a] skin (which came off when 'Khuli' was disrespecting his head with a knife) is said to be buried here. The close-up shows where the skin is buried.

Maqam Imam Sadiq [a]. Near River Furat (Euphrates). This was destroyed during the 1992 Gulf War

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Maqam Sahib al-Zamaan [a] (12th Imam). Near River Furat (Euphrates)

Part of an ancient Babylonian civilization. This huge edifice near Madain (Iraq) was the palace of Khusroe (Persian King). It is called the "Tak Qisra" and is said to have developed cracks on its wall when the Holy Prophet [s] was born.

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Ruins of the former palace of Ubaydullah ibn Ziyad (Yazid's governor in Kufa largely responsible for the massacre of Imam Husayn [a]) - near Masjid Kufa

The mausoleum of the two sons of Muslim ibn Aqil called "Tiflane Muslim" who were killed at Mosayyab

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Inside the mausoleum of "Tiflan Muslim", the two sons of Muslim ibn Aqil (Muhammad & Ibrahim)

Artist's impression of Tiflan Muslim being killed. This picture was taken inside the mausoleum

Mausoleum of Imam Husayn [a]

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