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Side view showing the complete mausoleum of Sayyida Zaynab [a], daughter of Imam Ali [a] - Damascus

Entrance to the mausoleum of Zaynab bint Ali [a] - Damascus

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The 'darih' in which lies the grave of Zaynab bint Ali [a] - Damascus (front view)

The 'darih' in which lies the grave of Zaynab bint Ali [a] - Damascus (side view)

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Courtyard of Jaami al-Amawi (Umayad Mosque) - Damascus

Shrine of Prophet Yahya [a] inside Jaami al-Amawi. (shrine is in the centre with a green dome)

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Pulpit in Umayad mosque from where Imam Ali Zaynul Abidin [a] (in captivity) addressed the public before Yazid

Maqam Ra's al-Husayn. Place where Imam Husayn's [a] head is said to have been buried. Umayad mosque (Jaami al-Amawi) - Damascus

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The tomb of Rukaya, daughter of Imam Husayn [a] at Bab Saghir cemetery (Damascus). The actual tomb is accessible underground through a flight of stairs (see next picture)

Often mistaken as the tomb of Husayn's [a] daughter Sakina, this is actually Rukaya's. The other shrine in the bazaar (where the Prison of the Ahlul Bayt is found) is often called Rukaya's tomb when infact that is Sakina's

Tomb of Umm Kulthum, sister of Imam Husayn [a]. Buried opposite Ruqaya at Bab Saghir cemetery (Damascus)

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Maqam Shuhada Karbala. The heads of several martyrs of Karbala are buried here. Bab Saghir, Damascus

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